Left in this violent place once more
So desolate within
This environment you have made
Is harsh against my skin
This scorching heat has cracked my lips
And left me to my death
In the endless desert of your soul
I take my final breath

Parched with thirst
Parched with desire
Burning in me
Living fire

The winds are blowing strong and fierce
And sand grains burn my eyes
The dunes are shifting, never still
The green'ry slowly dies
No life to be found in this place
A barren, naked land
But I refuse to die here now
With yours the killing hand

And you are unaware that I
Am dying by your hand

Swallowed by your poignant words
This burning like Hell's fire
I'm unable to keep up pace
My limbs begin to tire
Consumed by bodily fatigue
I can't stand anymore
And finally my legs give way
Face first on desert floor

Parched with thirst
Parched with desire
All consuming
Death by fire