To my ex
I know not if you will read this
For I know if I will even finish this
But I if you do receive this then I will be made stronger by it
I still love you this I do know all too well
The loss of you has had a terrible effect
One that I hope goes away
I have become different since then
Now enshrouded in my depression
For the addiction of your love
Was like Ecstasy in my blood and you were my first love
The hardest to recover from
Because I knew it would be a while
Till I could another dose of love and get back on that high
The memories rise of the great times we had
but also your cries when I ended our relationship
I shed no tears then because I wanted to appear strong
But my heart cried a sea of tears, almost drown in those very tears
I may recover from the loss of your love but it will be remembered
And carried with me everywhere I go since it was branded in my heart
when you said I love you