Kristina's muscles ached as she fell in line behind her section. The football game was over, and the air around the school vibrated with the victory of winning. The band instructor nodded his head toward the drum major and she promptly clapped her hands together and called the ensemble to attention. Kristina flicked her flute up and shouted the response sharply. The drum major clapped her hands again with the set marching tempo and the band marched to the band room. As they reached the room, they were all called to parade rest, and Kristina thankfully lowered her flute and placed one arm behind her back wit the rest of the flute/piccolo section.

"Alright, guys," the instructor said. "You looked pretty good out on the field tonight. We are still having major problems in the brass section—you guys really need to watch the beats. How hard could it be? When Susan's hands go down, your foot goes down. What a concept!"

The instructor kept going on and on, but Kristina drowned him out. She kept glancing out from the corners of her eyes toward where Jack was waiting for her. Happiness swelled inside her. She was still beside herself over the fact that they had gotten back together.

A sudden movement yanked her attention toward the back where the drum line was situation. Kristina quickly eyed Kyle, who was looking apologetic for causing a disturbance in the lecturing. He had lost balance and knocked over his bass drum.

After the instructor continued lecturing, Kyle looked directly at Kristina. Their eyes met, and Kristina silently asked him, 'What's wrong?'

'I'll tell you later,' he silently responded, shaking his head and sighing.

Kristina shrugged her shoulders and gave her attention back to the lecture about how sloppy the marching looked and how the slides weren't horizontal enough. Finally, the lecture was over and she climbed the stairs and put her flute away in her locker.

Kyle waited patiently while she slipped out of her uniform and draped them neatly over her arms. Kristina caught his eye and smiled brilliantly at him. She shut her locker, said goodbye to her section, and walked over to him.

"Hey," she said brightly.

"Hello," he replied courteously. "How are you?"

"Quite well, thank you," she beamed.

"What's so 'quite well' tonight?"

Kristina grinned. "Jack and I got back together!"



They walked out of the band room and down the stairs. The parking lot was chaotic with all the students and adults attempting to exit as fast as they could. The rest of the marching band stood lazily against the stair railing. The youngest members were gawking over the cute people they saw while the older ones talked about the way their boy or girlfriends were in bed.

"Oh, look, there he is," Kyle said nonchalantly.

Kristina looked toward where he had nodded. There, indeed, stood Jack. Jack was looking at her with gentle love and smiled when their eyes met.

"So, what was it that you said you'd tell me later?" Kristina asked, her gaze never leaving Jack's figure.

"Oh, don't worry about it," Kyle said. "Just forget about it."

"No, Kyle, I won't. Tell me. Please?"

Kyle sighed. "Look, why don't you go hang out with Jack before your ride gets here, okay? I'll tell you on Saturday at the competition."



"Oh, alright. Saturday!"


Kristina smiled and then turned her back on him. She walked over to Jack, whose face lit up as he opened his arms wide and pulled her into a tender embrace.

"Did ya like the show?" Kristina asked, squeezing Jack tightly.

"Hell yeah! You were SWEET!" he said enthusiastically.

"Thanks. Our instructor didn't think so, though."

"Well, screw him. I thought you were perfect."

Kristina smiled and embraced Jack again. He always knew exactly how to make her forget her sorrows and disappointments. Jack was the perfect boyfriend.


They looked up and saw Mr. Davis sticking his head out of his car's window. His face was scowled with obvious distaste and irritation. Kristina sighed, knowing what would occur at home.

"I better get going," she whispered.

"Kris..." Jack began.

"Don't, Jack. I'll be fine."

He looked into her eyes. "If you need help..."

"I know what number to call. I know." She hugged him quickly. "Bye, Jack."

"Bye, Kris."

Reluctantly but quickly, Kristina left Jack's side and paced herself toward her father's car. She was terrified about what he'd do to her, but she'd never admit it to Jack. She didn't want to worry him about such a trivial matter.

"What the hell took you so long?" her father snapped after she had gotten into the passenger's seat.

"I didn't see you," she whispered timidly.

"Bullshit! I've been here for half an hour! You deliberately ignored me so you could go suck face with that ass..."

Mr. Davis continued ranting. Kristina just looked out of her window. She pleaded silently that her mother would be home.

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