Every since I was little
You told me to look and listen
To stay alert and careful
And I followed those rules

I always looked and listened
Before I crossed the street
Then held your hand
And I was safe from danger

I always looked and listened
When I was in the water
You said the rain would hurt me
And I believed you

I always looked and listened
Because you taught me to think
I thought about everything
And I was safe

I always looked and listened
And held your hand
I was always safe and protected
And I liked that

Then all of a sudden
I don't look or listen
Your hand is no where to be found
And I'm scared

I want to look and listen
Go back to being safe
But your not there to guide me
And I'm lost without you

I don't tell you I need you
Admit I looked or listened
But I did
And I thanked you silently

Thank you for teaching me
To look and listen
You gave me a mother's hand
And that was all I needed

I won't look or listen
It's my turn to walk through the street
I'll make it on my own
And I thank you for teaching me how