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One week after the birth of a new angelette, Heaven's Emperess took her baby to Deitian Heaven to be officially named, accompanied by the Emperor and the baby's older sister, Angelyre. Hanna Vietesse, the Goddess of Life, looked up from the intriguing book she was reading when they walked in. "Chantere, Archangel!" she said cheerfully. "How are you? It's been awhile." She grinned as Archangel greeted her with a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Are you used to your Goddesshood yet, Hanna?" Chantere asked her friend, who had become the official Goddess of Life only two years before.

Hanna laughed good-naturedly. "Yes, I am." She gasped as she looked down. Is this your Angelyre? My, she's growing up so quickly! You were as small as your sister when I last saw you," she informed Angelyre, who grinned and spread her wings to show them off.

"Lookit my wings!" the child said with a grin as she flashed the iridescent black and blue feathers that made her so different from all the other angels. They all had white wings, including her parents. With the birth of this new angel, however, she was no longer alone. Her sister had dark wings, too.

"They're nearly bigger than you!" Hanna chuckled. She loved children, and how sweet and innocent they were. The moment, however, they reached High, one of the higher levels of school, that innocence vanished and was replaced by warrior instinct. "It's delightful to see you all again. Now, we should get down to business. Have you decided on a name for her?" Hanna asked the two Hevanican rulers, who looked at each other with grins on their youthful faces, and nodded, telling her the name.

"What a lovely name. It's cheery, yet powerful. Good choice," she said thoughtfully. "All right, let's get to the official business and name her."

Hanna quickly looked over the angelette, and realized that she, like her sister, had mostly black wings. The only parts of her wings, in fact, that weren't black were the edges of her feathers, which were an elegant sapphire blue. Her eyes were a soft sky blue, and Hanna suspected that the color would deepen as she grew older. She was going to be a powerful one, alright.

That was one thing Hanna Vietesse knew. She, herself, had had a son nearly six months before this angelette was born, and he had been named by the last deity who had the job Hanna now claimed. As she wasn't permitted to name her own child, she had gone to her predecessor.

"How is your son, Hanna?" Chantere asked the Goddess, remembering.

"Nicodemus is doing quite well, but I may have to send him down to earth and erase his memory of this place. His father and I are just too busy, what with Lucifer gaining a strong hold over Hell and all." It was necessary for the Hevanican and Hellatian worlds to remain separate. If Hanna had a choice, she'd never erase her son's memory, but she knew well that children tend to talk about things they shouldn't. Chances were that if they left Nicodemus with his memories of Heaven, he'd talk about them, and the gap between worlds would close. "Chantere, we need someone on earth to protect them all, or Lucifer will take over Earth as he did Hell." The old Hevanican prophecy spoke of a time when Lucifer would, after gaining a strong hold over Hell, go up and take over Earth. Soon after doing this, he would attempt to conquer the last world: Heaven.

"Who, though?" Archangel asked, unable to think of anyone well suited for the job. "All our good warriors are too old to pass for an earth child, and whoever we sent down there would have to be young enough to move around and be ready to fight at a moment's notice."

"Well, if our girls can fight well enough, we could send them down, couldn't we, dear?" Chantere asked Archangel, who started to protest, then changed his mind and sighed.

"We'd better start training them, then," he said quietly.

Hanna smiled and held the black-and-blue winged angelette up. The Goddess drew a tiny symbol on the child's forehead. It lit with white light, which then trickled down and stopped between her eyebrows. The angelette cooed happily, and the symbol changed to form a heart of blue light the color of her eyes.

"With the power vested in me by Indiro, I hereby name this angelette Iris Archantere."