I am tired of the daily struggle

Tired of the daily fight

All my energy has left me

A shallow empty husk.

The song of birds annoys me

At the sound of laughter I cover my ears

Because there is no joy in my heart

And I wish ill luck for all.

Others say it will get better

To never give up the cause

But their words stir no emotion

In this deadened soul of mine.

Anger is a sullen thing

Resentment flairs in my breast

But then there is only silence

Like the stillness of the dead.

I am looking for a heart beat

For my breath to mist in the morning air

But there are no signs of life

In this empty husk of mine.

Tell me, Great Creator

Is this what you had in mind?

Man has made a mockery

Of the perfect life you gave.

Upon the floor I kneel

Ten inches from the floor

I am so tired now

Let me rest my weary head.

Happy now I find myself

As the flame of existence goes out

There are no more tasks to do

No more dreams to dream.