By:Andrew Troy Keller

'Twas the week before Christmas,
And through out a TOYS 'R' US store,
There were shelves filled with gifts galore.

I was a little one back then,
No more than ten.
And I still get the jitters,
When I've seen the action figures
That I've wanted since I was seven.

My sister was quite a little doll,
And she had also wanted a little doll.
Maybe Barbie.
Maybe Skipper,sister of Barbie.
As long as it was a doll.

My friend,Mike Greenspan
Had wanted to look like a policeman.
So,he had wanted Santa to get
For him a policeman playset,
So that,in a way,he could be like a policeman.

A week later,we've ran to the Christmas Tree,
And our eyes had opened wide for us to see,
To our joy of joys,
An abundance of Christmas gift toys,
And our hearts were filled with glee.

And then,it was time for our little cast
To sit down,and have a good breakfast.
And as we shall exclaim,as we answer the orange juice call,
"Merry Christmas To All,
And To All,A Good Breakfast!"