Down to the river, on the winds of the night, blowing and begging to see
the bright light
Down to the white waves, along the sand side, across the stormy sea, that
raises the tide
Down to the nightmares, that conquer the mind, 'see the shadows
disappearing and the sunrise behind
Down to the silence, to watch the sun rise, free the wild spirits that
wander his eyes
Down to the god's view, of the sailing white sun, the ice rings of
darkness, the battle be won
Down to the time song, of the fading blue sky, to the moonlight come
hunting, and the sun rising high
Down to the bush land, the windy paths old, the hermit's walking slowly,
and the night is to unfold
Down to the mountains on the frost of the night, that melts at the sign of
the soft firelight
Down to the silence of the lost darkened day, far gone on the tides, that
are melting away
Down to the sparkling, of the clouds melting rain, setting on the hilltops,
and rising again
Down to the tree tops, whispering the wind, their hands rising slowly, to
the spirits within
Down to the calling of the seas on the shore, resting for moonlight, sent
away by night's claw
Down to the dreamy thoughts of the soul, that wander through darkness,
beyond our control.