The wind blew freely, catching at Persephone's chiton as she stood before a tablet of stone upon the grass of Sicily. She knelt down, placing a bunch of bluebells gently in front of it. It was seven years now since that eventful day in Hecate's cave. They had scoured Tartarus for the soul of Thanatos; they called for him in the Elysian Fields and had searched the wailing Styx for him. But he lost forever.

Olympus had been shocked at what had happened and had gathered around them with sympathy and hatred towards Hecate, who now lay dead in the poisoned earth of her cave. Hades ban from Olympus and from the Elysian Fields was finally lifted as their relationship was given recognition by the Pantheon. It was just a shame that their son's death was the thing to do it.

Persephone stood up and turned around to see Hades walking towards her, a bundle in his arms. "Come on, give him to me, Hades." She said softly as her husband approached. She took the warm bundle in her arms, looking down at the perfect face that smiled and gurgled up at her. "Thanatos, this is you're brother - Hypnos" she said quietly as they three of them stood before their son's resting place, the wind whipping their hair as Apollo's chariot melted slowly in the sky. And putting her hand in his they turned away from the hurt and pain and walked away into the sunset.

The End