Daphne walked quickly, avoiding the crowds of people milling around the halls. "Excuse me," she said, lightly shoving a man aside. "Tech crew coming through."

The man grunted loudly. "Watch it!" he cried.

"No, you watch it," Daphne warned. "Trust me, I've been on the tech crew for seven years now, and what I have to do is far more important than anything you're going to accomplish in this hallway." Finished with her short speech, which she usually gave several times a day, Daphne spun around and continued her rush.

Seven years was not a very long time when it came to a person's job on the Icarus space station. Usually, a person began working when they were fairly young and kept the same job until they died. However, Daphne had been a member of the tech crew since she was nine years old, and she loved to see how impressed people acted to see that such a young woman could have had such a high- profile job for such a long time.

And being a member of the tech crew was a very high-profile job. The Icarus space station had existed since before anyone could remember, and if legend was to be believed (and Daphne believed the legends), it had existed for thousands of years. Such an old space station was bound to have regular system failures, and if it weren't for the tech crew to maintain the station's functions, the innocent people who lived on the station would all suffocate, or worse.

Daphne continued her travelling through the station. In a more open area, a large crowd of people was gathered around a priest, who was preaching loudly. His speech was so natural, one almost couldn't tell it was being amplified by the station's audio systems.

"In the beginning, Almighty Na-Sa created this station so that we, His people, could live in it!" the priest declared fanatically. "But all was not good, for the Evil One is always working against Na-Sa, and He plotted to take good and pious people away from the true way! He told stories- false stories of the mythical place called Earth! I ask you, is there any proof that such a place exists? We have sent countless ships in search of this wonderful place, and has it been found? No! Beware the stories told by the Evil One!"

Daphne kept walking, and soon she was out of earshot from the priest. She felt a pang of guilt when she realized she hadn't attended worship yet that day, and told herself that she would do so as soon as she'd fixed the broken heater in the bionics room.

Few people were allowed in the bionics room. The entire station relied on the plants grown there for food, and while Daphne doubted someone would be foolish or crazy enough to damage the plants. Nevertheless, the doors were always kept locked, and the access codes to open them were only given to the growers who grew the food, the priests who blessed the food, and the members of the tech crew in case a problem should arise.

Upon examination, Daphne saw that the problem was one that would be easily fixed. She opened her case in which she kept her tools, and a few minutes later she'd finished her task. Daphne sighed and began to pack up, mentally preparing herself for worship, when a dark shape moved behind her.

Daphne froze. "Hello?" she called, wondering why the other person hadn't made his or her presence known. Was it possible that they'd been there the entire time and hadn't noticed when Daphne had entered?

Slowly, Daphne rose, and found herself face-to-face with the strange man she'd nearly run into before. "Who are you?" she demanded instantly. Through her work, she'd come to know every priest, grower, and tech member on the station, by face if not by name. Daphne had never seen this man before.

"I'm, uh, George," the man said. He held his hand out, and Daphne simply stared at it, unsure what the gesture was supposed to mean. After a few minutes, George dropped his hand and said, "Who are you?"

"You should not be here," Daphne said, ignoring his question. "Only those directly involved with the growing of plants or with the maintenance of the station's machinery are allowed in here. The public must remain out of the bionics room."

"I'm, uh, involved with the growing of the plants," George said quickly. "My job is to make sure the plants are growing big enough, and to make sure that they get enough water and fertilizer and sunlight."

"That is regulated by the machinery," Daphne said simply.

"My job is to make sure the machinery does what it is supposed to," George said. He answered this question as quickly as he'd answered the first, which gave Daphne reason to doubt everything he said.

"Why have I never seen you here before?" Daphne asked. Something about George's last answer had seemed a little odd, but Daphne didn't know enough about the growing of plants to know for certain if he'd lied.

"I'm new," said George without pausing.

"Why have I not heard of the transfer?" Daphne asked. The idea that a person might change their profession on the station was virtually unheard- of.

"I'm trying to keep it a secret," said George.


George glanced frantically through the room, then sighed. "Promise not to tell anyone," he said.

"It is my duty to report if a person is doing wrong," Daphne said.

"Very well," George said. "But there's nothing wrong, as you'll see. I had a dream, and the Almighty Na-Sa told me that I should work in the bionics room, and that I should keep it a secret. I was told that everything would be made clear soon."

Daphne considered George's story. He pronounced Na-Sa in a strange way, and she'd never heard of their creator ever doing a thing so secretive, but if George was telling the truth, Daphne would be loath to oppose the wishes of Na-Sa.

"Be careful," Daphne said. "If Almighty Na-Sa truly wishes for you to keep this a secret, you should not creep about in places where others are likely to question what you are doing."

"I'll keep that in mind," George said with a wry smile.

Daphne then remembered her plans, and bid George goodbye before leaving the bionics room to go to the temple. Perhaps Na-Sa would give her some guidance and tell her whether or not she could trust this George.