*It snowed here a while back, and as I promised some readers, I am finally updating this story*

A sudden jolt cursed down my spine, forcing me to open my eyes to what I presumed would be another day trapped within the bowels of this wretched place, this hole in the earth that seemed intent on destroying everything that I held dear. I let a sliver of light come into my vision, revealing that something miraculous had happened to me during my restless slumber, taking my mind off of the horrors that it had been cursed with just hours before. I felt the need to haul myself out of my drowning sense of gloom and chaos that had previously sounded me.

There had been a sudden change in where it was, it was no longer the bleak, blood soaked land that I had left from but a frozen wasteland that spread to the horizon, apparently going on forever in all directions. I turned myself in a complete circle to see if there was a passage back to the place I was before but could find no semblance of the wretched hole I had came out of past the crimson smear that traced across my shoes. I stomped hardily on the ground to make sure that it was solid, realizing that with each step an unnerving echoing noise was emanating from beneath me, probably concealing the void that I had once been part of.

The layout of this strange level of my consciousness was bizarre to say the least; there were no notable things to trace my path but the single smear of red from where I was just standing. I started off, taking myself to wherever I may find a way to escape my self-solitude in this blazing arctic plain. Time passed by me slowly, taking with it the remainder of my memories as to what had happened to me previously, the first thing that removed itself from my mind was the memory of the house that I had once lived in, shortly followed by the people that I had once called family, they were all nothing more than a blur in the drifting particles of snow now and were meaningless to me.

Through the tundra I wandered, my memories leaving a bleak trail of my past in their wake, slowly wiping themselves clean of the habitual torment that had recently came to torture me. I kept moving, not knowing or feeling the sharp pangs of frozen flesh starting to gather upon my body. I had decided to keep moving, it was the only thing keeping me bound to this place, the only sanctuary that told me that I still existed at all. There was nothing here. It was only me, the echoing noises that the ground below created with my every step; lethargy was starting to work its way through my body, taking its toll on my already degraded state of being.

I do not know how long I wandered across that frozen wasteland but I do recall seeing one thing before the darkness came to reclaim me, a single beam of light shifting through the thunderheads of despair and casting a fleeting feeling of hope upon my hallucinating mind. I could feel my body collapse onto the ground beneath me; the entire plane seemed to collapse under the weight of the fall, letting the sound of shattered glass echo throughout my ears while I felt frostbitten air pass between my open fingers. I was falling to somewhere new but there was now a spark of light added to my mind that no force could ever pry out of me.