Belmont is about the hippest boarding school that you can get. It's also this sort of nest for rich, snobby and/or spoiled kids that can't adjust to any other scholar systems.

And if they had trouble adjusting, there was a reason to it.


- Liv, could you please empty your pockets as is requested of you?

The pale, dark-haired girl didn't move a centimetre from the space she occupied near the door. She continued calmly observing her flushed father and the now impatient monitor of her wing, Carlton.

- Liv, I don't want to have to repeat myself.

She smirked then barely parted her long vest, revealing a short skirt with no pockets. Her father sighed with a relieved air.

- It seems she hasn't brought any lighter, match, candle or bottle of kerosene for once, Carlton commented.

- At least she won't try setting the school on fire again.

- Or herself, Carlton added.

- You just lost an hour of your life, prick, the girl calmly said. Now you two, get the fucking hell out of my room.

Without them understanding, they found themselves in the hall, with a door slamming behind. The two men blinked at each other before composing a detached attitude.

- I'll see you at the next parents' visit, Liv, her father spoke loudly through the door. It's a long month away. I love you!

- Right.

Liv listened attentively until silence submerged the hall. She then rushed to the bathroom and kneeled down next to the toilet. Lifting a tile, she revealed a small cavity she had dug there the past year –it had actually taken her the whole fucking year- and took out a candle and a lighter.

She sighed with relief of having a prude father, who didn't feel the need to spy on her when she went to the bathroom, unlike Carlton who would actually pose in front of her, back turned.

The tiny supply of combustibles she had managed to slip in, thanks to garter straps, was neatly stocked in the hole. Liv could easily buy more once she had her pocket money sent to her in a week. Adrien would take care of that.

She sighed as she lit the candle and put it on her nightstand next to her bed.

I've always had a weird fascination towards fire, I never really figured out why. I used to watch the 8hour news each day in the hope of seeing this big catastrophe fire, considered a tragedy I suppose, but so beautiful! It always made me feel kind of sad and at the same time, peaceful like no one. Something about overwhelming powerlessness and reverence towards such beauty.

Back in sixth grade, I had decided to burn this stupid love letter I had written for a boy, like it would change anything if I gave it to him. I watched the paper crumble into ashes then turned the water on. The frail black leaf just collapsed before disappearing down the drain.

I then decided to stop waiting for a fire to occur. I would just make it happen whenever I wished to see flames.

.. I am still addicted to the 8hour news though.


- I can't believe he broke up with me! Just before school started, too, a girl screamed in the middle of the school's front hall. I'm going to make him pay, she added with a twisted look.

Her twin brother, Jehan rolled his eyes then dropped them down to the suitcase he was holding in each hand.

- Grow the fuck up, Nora. You barely dated him for three days. You could also carry your fucking luggage. It weighs a ton and I have my own stuff to worry about.

Nora flashed a furious glance at her brother.

- I'm going through heartache and all you can think of is bothering me with my luggage? Get a fucking heart in place of that piece of silex. And what stuff are you talking about? Your whole wardrobe fits into that old backpack of yours.

- Yeah. A backpack I can actually lift, if you understand what I mean.

- I can't believe we're twins! You should at least feel some sort of compassion for me, fucker.

- Compassion is all I've ever felt for you these past seventeen years, Jehan smirked, shaking his light brown hair out of his eyes.

- Dumb shit, Nora screeched as she flounced away to find a willing servant.

A hand was calmly laid on Jehan's shoulder. He spun around, quickly sliding from the light grasp and met a cobalt-blue stare.

- Neil. Hi, he flatly said, shifting his eyes to the ground.

The older boy looked at Jehan with an amused expression.

- You don't seem happy to see me again.. Or are you trying to repress your enthusiasm?

Jehan shot him a blankly bored look then proceeded to go and find his new room.

- Who are you bunking with? Neil asked with curiosity as he followed him.

- That's none of your concern.

- Wrong. I'm head boy now, the blonde grinned.

Jehan stifled a groan. Just his luck. He couldn't help remembering Neil's attempts of getting him in his bed last year. Now that he had some sort of power over him, he knew the senior would try to take advantage of the situation.

Like butting in his privacy.

I'm not sure what that fucker wants from me but I sure am not going to endure another year like the last one. It's not even that he's a guy or anything, if a girl insisted like that; I'd be completely freaked out and annoyed as hell too. Maybe I'm asexual or something..

I know the fact he's head boy now will make it harder to bear. He now actually has the fucking right to ask where I'm going and shit and he could get me in detention for the rest of my scholarship if he gives himself the trouble. He can even fucking lie about what I'm doing and get me expelled; no one's going to believe me he's a fucking pervert anyway.

Shy and rather anti-social junior versus outgoing and popular senior? Yeah.. I thought so.

I'm probably overreacting and being my usual paranoid shit self. I do hope so.


- Hey, I've got a surprise for you, Nora exclaimed with a smile as she pushed the door open.

Liv took off her earphones, which continued softly playing Swell on her chest, when she saw the other girl come in.

- Look at this, Lily!

- Don't fucking call me that, Liv complained.

- I don't see why not. It's a lot cuter than your other nicknames like.. "Pyro Girl" or "heinous bitch" for instance.

Liv rolled her eyes at her bubbly roommate then settled back in a more comfortable position on her bed. Nora rummaged in her knapsack then produced a set of twelve pretty blue candles. As soon as she caught a glimpse of them, Liv stood up.

- You know you love me, Nora said with a smug expression.

- I actually do.

- Lucky we're in the same room again. If they had paired me up with one of those sluts, I would've barged in Winslor's office to have it changed immediately. And it wouldn't have been pretty, I can tell you. Thanks Jim, you can go now, Nora waved as he came in with her luggage.

Liv merely blinked at the boy than focused her attention on her friend again.

- How's Jehan doing?

- Being a dick, as usual. He physically and mentally can't be nice for more than five seconds in a row.

- Is head boy still after him?

- The guy sent him a fuckload of letters during the summer. Jay left them in the box until the mailman came to complain about not having any space for the rest anymore.

Liv smirked at this then began playing with the hot wax that was dripping from her candle. She absently watched it harden on her fingertips.

- Of course, Nora continued, I got curious. So I stole the letters and.. Let me just say that Master Neil Andrews has a talent that could lead him to being the pornographic gay version of Barbara Cartland.

- Sick.

- Yes but incredibly hilarious. I can tell you, he's got quite a perverted outlook on life.

A grossed-out look crossed Liv's face but it quickly faltered as any form of expression usually did with her.

- What about Tristan?

- What about him, Liv inquired in a very bored tone.

- Did he send you any letters, any packages?

- Don't speak of that freak in front of me.

- But Liv.. He is hot. And a fucking good lay, Nora giggled at her pun.

As her only response, Liv set her earphones back on and pushed play.

I had forgotten about that Tristan guy, goddamnit. And now, she has to rub it back in my face.

I don't know what was up with him last year. I guess that since I gave him the finger for being his stupid, prattish self around me, he's considered me as a challenge. He thinks he's irresistible because all the girls at school fawn around him and look like they're about to faint each time they catch a glimpse of him.

Girls including my own best friend.

Eventually, I tried to win at his own game and began flirting with him to make him fuck off with his arrogance, even if that meant he would think he had succeeded. I mean, come on, the fucking prick made retarded mating calls each time he spotted me in the halls.

Tough luck, I couldn't even have his hand on my arm without having to pull back with a disgusted shudder. So my incredible plan didn't work out well.

I hope he's found someone else to harass.


Jehan had already taken out all his things and thrown them around his closet and desk when who he supposed was his new roommate walked in.

He looked up and repressed a groan.

- You, Jehan finally managed to let out.

- Yes, Gayley, you're gonna be my darling roomie this year, Tristan grinned sarcastically.

Jehan stared daggers at him then vanished in the bathroom.

Why did all this shit have to happen to him? He had to share a room with the infamous obnoxious school slut not to mention, his sister's ex.

But then, who wasn't her goddamn ex?!

His mind hadn't even mentioned yet about the guy being one of the richest blokes in school and thinking he was some sort of Midas just because of it. And he had heard Tristan's last year's roommate ranting about how he got thrown out of his room practically every night.

And, he honestly admitted to himself, he didn't like the fact Tristan was after Liv.

- Are you going to stay all your fucking life in there or can I go and take a piss? Tristan yelled through the door.

- You can go right on and shit in your pants for all I give a fuck about it, Jehan retorted as he made his way out of the room anyway.

- Nice going, Gayley. Next time, I might confuse your towel as toilet paper.

- Stupid dicks can't usually make the difference between the two.

Jehan shut the door behind him, cursing at himself. Why the hell had he lost that paper with the name of his roommate on it? He could've asked to change or something.

He walked a corridor down then stood in front of Adrien's door. His best friend always managed to stay in the same room from year to year.

Probably because his father was loaded and could afford such a privilege for him.

Jehan knocked then walked in without waiting for an answer.

The first thing he saw was a flash of what the result of an atomic bomb could create. Books, cds, clothes were strewn everywhere.

Well, not exactly, as his mind finally figured out. The area destined to Adrien's roommate was spot clean which wasn't the most unusual thing.

The weird thing was that Adrien had a roommate.

- What happened? Jehan asked when he finally spotted his friend rummaging in his mess.

- The school's cracked full so I have to share my space. Meet Dayin, my coloc, Adrien added as he pointed towards the end of a bed.

Jehan didn't see anyone behind the headboard until a tousled head appeared and a tall boy silently nodded at him. He was holding a book in his left hand with a finger slipped between two pages.

- Hey, Jehan smiled.

The boy sat back down without another look at him.

- He's been like that all fucking day, Adrien laughed. I think he's high on something judging by his lack of reaction. I'm surprised he even acknowledged your presence.

- I am in fact high but I'm not deaf, Dayin calmly said.

- Who are you teamed up with?

- Please, don't make us sound like we're gay as my stupid roommate is actually Tristan Ryder.

- Killer! Adrien said with a mocking look.

- Aids, if you want to die, I can help you suffocate with your own colon.

- You're so pissed, you're calling me Aids. That hasn't happened for ages, dude. Come on, Jay, it's not that bad.

Fuck yeah, it is. Whoever made up the pairings is definitely out of his mind or actually worshipping Satan.

The whole school knows how we both hate each others guts. Why would someone be stupid enough to make us share a room?! Why couldn't I have bunked with Adrien?

You're getting overdramatic again, Jehan.

No, I'm not!

I know that if he ever led Liv back to our room, I'd die of a heart attack. Well, of heartbreak more certainly. But then, Liv loathes him as much as I do. So I needn't worry about that.

Or not. I mean, you can never tell with girls and what's going around in their heads.

Thinking is definitely not for me.


Okay, okay. So this is the first chapter of my new story. I hope you like the characters for now. I have a special spot for some of them already.

I know that for now, the only clearly 'weird' person is Liv but I can assure you that the others all have cards up their sleeves and even the normal looking ones are.. not normal.

Meh. I'll leave you with that for now.