Black Winds of Change, or the Lament of AQ's Mistakes.

By Anime Queen

For Everyone Else


Claimer: I own every single character in this, except random pop-up characters, mostly made up by my friends. ^_^

Special thanks to ... everyone who reads my stories, you guys are the greatest!!

A/N: Sorry my other updates aren't going that great, so here's a little something to amuse yourselves while waiting. ^_^


Cast of Characters:

AQ-sama – the authoress, having the power to do anything and everything, except the willpower to sit down and write -_-;;

Me – AQ-sama's good angel, constantly trying to improve the authoresses lifestyle, and basically being an almost never-heard guide.

Myself – AQ-sama's bad angel, usually the cause of the authoresses downfalls in life. Following a philosophy of hedonism and play before work, Myself adds greatly to AQ-sama's life philosophy.

Nyoko – the main character of "Project Immortal", ever cynical of AQ-sama's work.

Anniki – leader of the "anti-AQ" resistance (that wouldn't go too well with AQ-sama... if she was in any mood to care ^_~)

Kyoden – the misunderstood lonely soul, seeking attention, but no one ever notices.

Shinji – a crazy daredevil, who dreads the plot of his story (Project Immortal) and has a weird feeling AQ-sama wants to do away with him. True? Lie? He'll just have to wait and see.

Joruri – another PI cast member, this time an AQ supporter.

Kai – mad at AQ-sama about the lack of positive reactions to his many attempts in "Anniki", he teams up with the PI crew to rage war against the authoress.

Tai, Nell and Felicity – Anniki's so-called friends, adamant about their being almost ignored throughout the whole story so far and then being roughly chucked out of the lime-light, join the resistance with the intention of exacting revenge on the authoress.

The Pop-Up and Random characters – all the good people who decided to volunteer in time of intense seriousness to relieve the storyline with humor (all in their own way).

Special Guests – visiting characters for a few chapters, courtesy of various random people.

The Narrator – mainly recounts scenes where not much is being said, and seems to be ever-present.


That was just a little bio/cast of ppl, in case you guys aren't familiar with some of them. Next chapter follows with the proper introduction ^_^.