Black Winds of Change, or the Lament of AQ's Mistakes

By Anime Queen




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Part II: Mobilizing for Resistance

((//...// means thoughts))

[battle music]

Anniki: *standing up on a table* All right! Listen up everyone!

Tai, Felicity, Nyoko: *look up expectantly*

Nell: ... -_-;; //I don't have to be here//

Felicity: *glares at Nell* Pay attention!

Nell: ^_^;; Yes ma'am!

Anniki: Good. Now, you people over there need to decide which side you're going to fight on – NOW!

Kyoden, Kai, Shinji: *are being stared down in the corner* ... *sweat*

[door suddenly bursts open]

Joruri: Free cookies next door, AQ-sama's compliments!

[battle music stops]

Kyoden, Kai, Shinji: COOKIES! *drool* We're out of here! *run out*

Anniki: *sweat drops* I guess that settles it.

Joruri: Anyone else wants some?

Nell: *stands up, but, catching Felicity's glare, sits slowly back down, staring longingly at Joruri*

Joruri: *oblivious to the stares* Okie then! *leaves*

Anniki: Finally! Now, on with our meeting. Before we start, would anyone like some doughnuts? *passes box around*

Kyoden, Kai, Shinji: *burst through the door* DOUGHNUTS! *start running towards the box*

Joruri: *peeks through the door* Hey guys, AQ-sama made some coffee cakes!

Kyoden, Kai, Shinji: COFFEE CAKES! *run off again*

Anniki: //Is this ever going to end?// *looks at all the food under her table* -_-;;

[meanwhile, in AQ's studio]

AQ: *sigh* Things don't look good. *looks out at the black sky*

Me: Everything's too quiet.

Myself: What's so bad about that? *plops down onto the couch and starts eating mandarin oranges*

AQ: *notices* Since when do you eat anything but idiotic people?

Myself: At the rate you're going with the stories, all your idiots are going to change into normal people. It's time for a change of diet, or I'm going to starve to death.

AQ: _ Must you be so cruel...

Me: Well, it's the truth. Just look. *points to window*

[in the window]

Mitzusaka: *bent over a surgeon's table* Hmmm... *scratches chin* It still looks a little limp around the limbs... *picks an arm off of the table, and it's bending where there are supposed to be bones*

Doctor 1: Well... erm...

Mitzusaka: You call this a human?? It's an abomination! *sweeps everything off the table* We should start again. This time we can't fail! The future of the world rests with us, and our ability to recreate AQ-sama from scratch!! *laughs maniacally*

[back in studio]

AQ: *shock* How come I didn't know about this? O.o

Myself: *drools* That guy has some tasty meat...

Me: *shakes head* Don't you see, AQ, everyone's giving up on you!

AQ: That does NOT look anything like me! *is trying to see the thing Mitzusaka threw on the floor*

Me: Are you even listening?

AQ: Sure I am!

Me: Okay, what did I just say?

AQ: ... I should be working harder?

Me: -_-;; That was just a lucky guess.

AQ: ^_^;;

Myself: *goes back to eating mandarin oranges* These should last me a while... not like all that other icky human food.

AQ: That's my food you're talking about!

Myself: Maybe that's why you're so unproductive.

AQ: *opens her mouth to retort, but then stops to think* //Maybe it is...?//

[in an alley]

Kyoden: Man, I'm so glad we ditched those weirdoes. *pant*

Kai: Yeah... *shakes head* I can't believe Anniki can be so tough T_T She's always so gentle and kind on the set!

Shinji: Um guys... we have a problem...

Kyoden and Kai: What is it now?

Shinji: There's someone... *scary whisper* ... following us...

Kai: Aw man, don't tell me it's another one of your paranoid tricks. *to Kyoden* Is he always like that?

Kyoden: *shakes head* I honestly don't know what happened.

Shinji: Come on, you guys, don't treat me like I'm mental!

Kai: But you are! You're always jumping around on that bike of yours, and then you get drunk and do it again!

Shinji: *sulks*

Kyoden: Let's go. We're not accomplishing anything.

Kai: Go where? It's either being on AQ-sama's side, or on the rebels' side, there's no place for neutrals like us...

Shinji and Kyoden: *sweat drop* You've got serious issues.

Kai: o.O;; You guys shouldn't be talking.

Shinji and Kyoden: What did you say?

Kai: *sweat* Uh... it's going to rain!

Kyoden: Yeah, right.

[suddenly starts raining]

Shinji and Kyoden: Devil's luck -_-

AQ: *appears out of the shadows* Nope, just little me.


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