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~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ " Andrew and Alexei: The Twin Prince's"

Chapter 1

~~11 years later~~

The boys are now 16. Andrew and Alexei have already started their growth spurts so they're growing and getting more independent. They are almost taller than their mother, but not even close to their father.

Planet Sakura has come to be a somewhat peaceful place, besides the twins, whom are always yelling and chasing each other. King Christopher and Queen Gabrielle are expecting their forth child. I had forgot to mention their daughter Penelope, but everyone calls her Penny. Penelope is, let's see, about 7 years old.

It's a bright sunny day on Sakura. The boys are following their mother around the castle arguing who gets the boys shared room.

"Mother, Alexei shouldn't get the room, I was born first so I should get it. It's only fair!" complained Andrew walking backwards in front of his mother. Alexei pushes him out of the way.

"I should get the room mother I'm the best behaved!" Alexei fought back.

"How about you two take separate rooms, the castle has plenty of empty rooms to choose from, plus both of you have lived in that most of your life, how about moving out." Gabrielle said breaking the argument.

"But I like that room!" they said in unison.

Gabrielle just shook her head. "Why do you two have to speak at the same moment, your making me confused."

"It's not our fault, mother, it's a twin instinct," they in unison again.

"Mommy!!" Penny came running to them.

"What is it Penny?" Gabrielle said bending down and picking up her daughter.

"Daddy's come home! And he brought presents." She said happily. Gabrielle's face brightened with joy.

The four of them walked fast down the halls to the front where Christopher was standing waiting for his family.

"Dad!" the boys said running up to him.

"My boys! How you've grown!" he hugged them, "And my little Penny! Looking as sweet as ever." He hugged and kissed her. He turned to Gabrielle. "And my wife." He kissed Gabrielle's lips.

"Wow! That baby's getting big." He said rubbing her belly.

"You know I don't like to hear that, Christopher. I can't stand carrying this baby around any longer." Gabrielle complained.

"Trust when I say I'd switch places with you to make you feel better." He said charmingly. Gabrielle laughed.

"I doubt that."

Two servants took his things to his room, while Chris and the family went to the study. Chris had been away for a year. He was doing it on business. (King business not the business you perverts think of). He had been visiting the different planets for meetings with their kings and royal nobles.

The nobles think that their entire galaxy will be attacked by the forces of the neighboring one called Anescop (A-ness-cop). That's why Christopher was away. He also went to visit his father on Voin. Titus is now 46 years old and Anya in 45. To think they are already grandparents and they're only in their 40s.

Chris, Gabrielle, and Penny sat on the couch in the study while the boys each took separate chairs.

"I bet I have a lot to catch up on, so who wants to go first." Chris says happily.

"The children's schooling is going well, I believe." Said Gabrielle.

"So you two meet any girls lately?" Chris laughed, and asked the boys.

The boys laughed and looked at each other. "Yeah, we met some." They said hesitantly. "They're just friends though, no relationships." Alexei pointed out.

Chris smiled. " Well how about you Penny, how's your schooling going?"

"It's going very well daddy. I've made new friends." She said excitedly.

Just then Isabel walked in. "Sire! Your back!" she said running up to him and giving him a hug.

"Hello Isabel," Chris laughed, " it's good to see you again."

"Oh, lunch is being served now." She said backing up.

"Thank you Isabel." Gabrielle said. The family and Isabel got up and left the study walking down the hall to the dining room. Lunch was set on the table. They sat down and began to eat.

After lunch the boys went outside to roam the fields behind the castle. They were kicking water from the river onto each other. They heard giggling and quickly turned around.

"Who's there?" Andrew yelled out. The giggles came again. The boys quickly lifted their feet out of the river and climbed up the bank. They saw two figures run fast between the trees of the woods in front of them.

"Hey come back!" Alexei yelled after them. The boys glanced at each other and ran after the girls. They ran through the woods as fast as they could. They stopped at a clearing and look around. There are no people in site.

Then while the boys stood there, two hands covered each of their eyes. "Guess who?" one person said with a girl's voice. The two boys stayed quiet. The girls kept their hands over the boy's eyes and walked around in front of them. Both girls looked at each other, giggled and kissed the boys gently on the lips. "Natasha!" Andrew yelled. "Natalie!" Alexei yelled out.

The girls removed their hands from the boy's eyes and looked at them. "It took you two long enough." Said Natalie walking around them. Her red hair glistened in the sunlight.

Natalie and Natasha were also twins; not knowing whom their mother was their father and grandmother raised them. They inherited their mother's lime green eyes and their father's Irish red hair. Their chin's narrow and face's small. Their bodies were slim and there green dresses swayed with the afternoon breeze.

Natasha danced around Andrew joyfully for having tricked him. "Nata you're making me dizzy, stop doing that!" Andrew demanded.

She stopped and looked at him. "Well, sure. Anything for you your highness." She said sarcastically. She curtsied, since he was a prince and wished to be worshiped like a god. He smiled because she listened to him.

Natalie and Alexei just laughed at them. "They are so funny together, aren't they Alexei?" she asked him.

"Huh? Uh . . . yeah, yeah sure they are. Absolutely . . ." Alexei said stop being side tracked.

"What? Stop staring at me, even though I am beautiful, it just scares me a little." She said.

"Sorry Nati, you are beautiful that's why I can't stop looking at you." Alexei mentioned. Natalie blushed.

"Oh Alexei you say such sweet things to me." Alexei laughed. Natalie gave him a small kiss on his cheek. When she moved away he grabbed her face gently, pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. She pulled away.

"Alexei I don't want to go that fast if you want to have a relationship." She told him, holding his hands.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself." He apologized.

Alexei, Andrew, Natalie, and Natasha all walked back toward the castle through the darkening forest. Andrew was leading followed closely by Natalie and Natasha and Alexei following behind. The forest seemed to be getting denser and thicker with trees and bushes as they walk on.

"Andrew, I mean, your majesty are we getting close to the castle yet?" Natasha said somewhat passionately.

"It shouldn't be mush farther, right Alexei?" Andrew turned around, "Alexei? Alexei? Alexei you back there?"

There was no response. At this point Andrew was getting nervous he never went anywhere without his brother, but Andrew didn't show he was scared for Natasha's sake.

"Where did he go? He was right behind me?" Natalie said getting worried. "ALEXEI!! ALEXEI!! COME OUT THIS ISN"T FUNNY IT"S ALMOST DARK!"

There was still no answer. Natalie and Natasha were standing close to the pretending-to-be-brave Andrew. Darkness had spread closer over the tress. The three of them huddled together.

" Don't you think we should return to the castle, he might be there? Besides its getting cold and dark out here we wouldn't want anyone to be worried right." Said Natalie.

"Yes I suppose you're right good thinking Nati. Alright girls let's go." Said Andrew calmly. The two girls followed directly behind him occasionally stepping on his heels as they walked to the castle.

Finally after a few minutes of walking they were in site of the castles bright lights from indoors. The three of them ran as fast as their feet would carry them to the back door. They followed Andrew quickly through the kitchen, through the halls to the main staircase, up the stairs to his parent's room and he banged on the door.

"Mother, Father, I need to speak with you it's an emergency!" Andrew yelled.

The door opened with Gabrielle giggling. "What is it darling?"

"We don't know where Alexei is, your highness." Said Natalie showing a grin of desperation.

"Were you all in the woods again?" Gabrielle asked. They looked at one another.

"Yes, we were." They all said at one time. Gabrielle nodded her head.

"Have you checked your room, he might be in there but he would normally check on us to let us know if he was here. If he's not there come back and get your father." She said.

They nodded and quickly turned the corner and ran fast down the long corridor to the end where Andrew and Alexei's shared room was. Andrew barged through the door.

Empty . . ..

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