Chapter 3

"Hey kid! Time to go!" said one of the men; he was the one tossing the club. They still had not taken off their masks to reveal their faces.

"Where are you taking me?" Alexei asked as they carried him out of the room.

"You'll see, kid!"


"Father! We must move now! Alexei's in trouble!" Andrew said jumping up onto his Vadenla.

"H-How do you know?" he said jumping up behind Andrew.

"He just told me through our telepathy and he was cut off, which means he's in trouble! We must move fast! Follow me!"

"Alright, let's go!" Chris said. They rode quickly down the street following Andrew. Past the Macaroon Bar, down past the three streets, then turning left. They turned the corner of the Shoemaker shop, past two alleyways, and stopped in front of the third. They got off the horses and walked down the street to the building with two green doors.

Chris, Andrew and 2 guards were with them at one door, the other 4 at the other. They broke down both doors at the same time. Both rooms had no people in them.

"They've taken him away already!" Andrew shouted.

"I think I may know where he is! Follow me quickly!" Chris said. They reloaded onto their horses and galloped away fast.


Natalie has stopped crying but her and Natasha are pacing Gabrielle's bedroom. Penny has come in and is sleeping on the bed next to where Gabrielle is sitting. Gabrielle is still worried. The girl's parents still haven't arrived or replied the notices.

"My lady, do you think they found Alexei yet?" said Natalie.

"I'm sure they are trying to." Gabrielle replied. "Come now, get some rest. It'll be a long night if they have to search the entire area."

"Alright." Said Natalie.

Natalie and Natasha both layed down and curled up with Penny on Gabrielle's bed and fell asleep.


The guards followed closely behind The King and Prince. Riding fast. They rode through the outer forest of town.

Rain started to pour heavily on them. "Father, where are we going?" Andrew yelled through the rain to his father sitting behind him.

"I'm following instinct!" he replied. "Just trust me, I know who we're dealing with. I've fought them before! The Vontubi brothers, I killed their father in a battle many years ago. You boys were too young to remember it."

"Sire, there's something in the distance, something at Quaker's point!" one of the guards said riding up next to them.

There were figures over at Quaker's Point, about two or three from the looks of it. It is called Quaker's point, because in the past, a young child of a Quaker fell of the cliff into the rough and stormy waters blow. There the husband, wife and other children stood for many years. Never eating or sleeping. Always hoping their child's spirit would come back to them. They died quickly eventually and their corpses buried under the weathered soil, with their souls still roaming about the point waiting and waiting still.

Chris, Andrew and the guards tied up the Vadenla's. They snuck quietly past the few trees at the end of the long forest. Andrew and Chris ducked behind a large berry bush and listened for voices.

~~~~~~~~~~~ "Jace come on, let's throw him over the edge already! I'm getting impatient and he's getting' on me nerves!"

"Hold your ponies Mak! We gotta wait till the king arrives!"

"What do you mean throw me over the edge? You not trying to kill me to get revenge on my father are you?"

"Shaddup you maggot!" said Jace slapping Alexei's face with the back of his hand.

"AHH!" Alexei yelped in pain as the chair he was tied to fell over.


"Father! They're hurting him!" Andrew said starting to stand up. "Wait Andrew, you have to wait for the opportune moment. Then we can get him. Alexei will be fine. Stay calm." Chris said trying to settle Andrew's nerves.

A few moments later of silence Chris and Andrew stood up from behind the bush and walked calmly over to the brothers and Alexei, who was still on the ground, tied to the chair.

"Ah! Look Mac! We got company!" said Jace tapping his brother's shoulder.

"I can see 'em. I'm not blind ya know! Dipstick!" Mac said back to him.

"Shut up! Let's settle this already!" Jace replied.

"You Shut up Jace!"

Chris and Andrew stood there bewildered. While the brothers are fighting, Andrew sneaks behind them and unties Alexei. They creep away behind another bush.

"Ahem! Gentlemen I hope you don't mind but I'm in a bit of a hurry so if you could please, get on with the reasons for you stealing my son!" Chris interrupted.

The brothers stood up straight again to look professional.

"Well, we stole you son to, uh, get revenge for our father! Since you killed him in that war, uh, a while ago!" said Jace.

"Right, well, Battle arrangements. Any weapons?" Chris said.

"Uh, no weapons just fist fights!! Now come on you scrawny bastard of a king! Hit me with your best shot!" said Mac holding out his fists in a punch ready position.

Chris shakes his head, and then puts himself in a ready position. One . . . two . . . THREE!! Mac started throwing as many punches as his big hands would swing. Chris could dodge all of them.

"Might want to try and hit me first!" Chris said boldly.

"I'll show you!" joined in Jace. It was now two on one! Chris was still winning. The bulky brothers, seems to only act tough but are as dumb as a walnut. Their baldheads shine from the moonlight glistening off of them. You can see the sweat reflect off of it from them working so hard just to hit Chris once!

POW! Andrew and Alexei had accidentally distracted Chris, so he received a punch just in the jaw from Jace. He fell backwards to the ground.

"Father!" the twins yelled. Chris sat up and wiped the blood from his lower lip. "That one is going to cost you!" He said standing back up. Jace and Mac grunted. They readied themselves again.

Mac threw the first punch. He missed and Chris hit him the in gut. But immediately after Mac, Jace came up with a punch and slammed Chris back into the ground.

"You hit the wrong brother!" Jace mocked. Mac lay curled in a ball in the large puddle of mud, now underneath them. The rain had gotten stronger.

"Sire!" yelled out one of the guards.

Jace jumped back from the surprise, Mac still layed in the mud in pain.

"NO! Stand down! Watch the boys! I'll be fine!" Chris said weakly. He had been winded.

"Stand up, you no good coward of a king!" Jace threatened.

Chris stood up, slightly wobbling to re-obtain his balance. Chris charged forward at Jace. Preparing to punch him in the jaw Jace leaned back, a BIG mistake. As Jace lunged forward, Chris was coming down on him. SLAM! Jace went into the mud face first, Chris landed down hard on his knees. He gasped for air.

Jace lay stunned in the mud, next to his crouching brother. Chris stood up as Andrew and Alexei came running up to him.

"Father are you alright?" they asked.

"Yes boys, I'm fine. Alexei, are you hurt at all?"

"Just my jaw is bruised, but I'll be fine!" Alexei stated.

"Let's get you home then, shall we! Men gather these betrayers at send them to the box!"

The 4 of the guards picked up Jace and Mac and dragged them off to the jailhouse, also known as "the box." Chris sat with Alexei in front of him on his Vadenla. The other 2 guards got up, one with Andrew in front of him.

They followed Christopher back to the castle. Gabrielle heard them return. She woke the girls. Natalie quickly got up and ran down the long staircase into Alexei's arms.

"Oh Alexei! I was so worried! Are you hurt? . . .Were they mean to you? . . .Did you take them away?" She started kissing him all over his face.

"Natalie, I'm . . . fine! They are . . . in the jailhouse! Natalie!" Alexei attempted to speak. "Ow!"

"Oh, I'm sorry! Sorry, I didn't notice your cut!" Natalie said. "Come let me get you washed up!"

Natalie lead Alexei off, while Natasha and Gabrielle, ran down the stairs. Natasha and Andrew collided in a large hug, and Gabrielle carefully hugging Chris.

Gabrielle gave him a long kiss, "Thank you for bringing him back to us."

"He's my son too you know! But how about the one in your belly!" He said rubbing her stomach.

She slapped his hand away, "I don't know what it is yet! Wait another month!"


"Ouch!" Alexei complained.

"Oh, hush! You're such a big baby Alexei!"

"I am, Ow, not!" He cringed.

She dabbed his cut lip with a cloth, coated in alcohol. Alexei winced every time she blotted it.

"Would you prefer me to kiss it and make it better instead?" she asked, giggling at his face.

Alexei smiled slightly and nodded.

"You big goof!" she said, locking lips with him.

To be continued.sorta! In the next chapter of course. I got something done! I thought I had lost my touch! Hehe. Thanks for waiting! ~Kittyshina15