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Warning: Mild shonen-ai.


Yukkuri to you ga akeru made kimi o dakishimetata Nanimokamo ushinau made kizukaze ni yasuragi ni oboreteta****

My name is Ailill Dea. Presently 16-years-old and I have short, croppy black hair and Crayola cornflower blue eyes. I almost match white paper, my skin, I mean, and this is my story. . .

My hands were sweaty, my fingers slipping, and my now-bare feet unable to cling to the wall in any way. My shoes had fallen off about five minutes ago, and I didn't dare look down because I was afraid of heights. I was merely being stupid, I'd just tried to kill my Aunt Beth and now I hung from the Shika Building's roof ledge, unable to crawl back up to the roof- to safety.

Sweat soaked my body, and I could barely feel my arms. My gray baggy pants were heavy- I realize this now, as I'm so close to my death- and my bright yellow shirt that reads Skipper clinging to my torso uncomfortably.

I scratch my nose, and realize that I've let go. I never was one to think before I act... Anyway, most people see their lives flash before their eyes. Loved ones and useless yet somehow significant scraps of memories flood into their head before they die oh-so-tragically. I wasn't so lucky as to see any of that.

I got to see an orange.

A fucking orange, just simply there in my mind's eye. There wasn't even a background to it of any kind. No pretty tree or blue sky or black or white. Just an orange.


I'd landed on my back, and my mind was saying: Okay, I'm dead. I know I'm dead. So all I have to do is wait for my soul to leave my body. Okay, so I can still feel that annoying itch in my nose. I scratched my nose...

I should start thinking before I act.

Okay, so I'm alive. Now what?

I sat up, looked at the transparent woman sitting at the bus stop staring at me. Whoa, cool, she's transparent. Looks real, too. Not like those crappy visual tricks in movies. I smiled at her, because I'd noticed her staring and she'd noticed me notice her staring, and stood up. Okay, no big deal, I thought as I uneasily looked at all the people staring at me.

One guy especially intrigued me. He had a black trench coat on- not a leather one, good gods I hate leather- and his hair was dyed blood red and his eyes were silver. Whoa, silver. I ran down the street, hearing the slap of my bare feet on the ground. I didn't even realize I was running to the police station until I was there. What the hell, I thought, I'll turn myself in.

"Can I help you, kid?" the officer- Officer Giovvi (Whoa, is he Italian?)- glared at me. I guess he was having a bad night.

"Um, yeah," I said, "I'm turning myself in. I just tried to kill my Aunt Beth and myself."

He looked at me funny, "Is this some kind of joke, kid?"

"Hell no," I said seriously, "I just tried to kill my Aunt Beth. I felt so guilty after that I hung myself off of the Shika building's roof ledge."

"And how," the officer smirked, "Did you not fall off of the tallest building in the whole state?"

"I did fall off," I blinked.

He stared at me, a little taken aback. "Kid, why don't you--" he looked behind me, I followed his gaze.

The man wore a black trench coat over charcoal black slacks and an orange dress shirt with a royal blue tie. He had blood red hair, but his dark sunglasses hid his eyes. He looked about nineteen. I definitely knew him.

"--Sayoku?" Officer Giovvi blinked, "What are you doing here?"

"I've been looking for the kid for hours," he ruffled my hair, the bastard, "I've been helping out, Giovvi, just like I said I would. He's just a little off in the head, don't mind him."

"Don't believe you."

"I know."

"You got the paperwork for the kid?"

"Yeah," Sayoku pulled out a bunch of sloppily folded papers out of his coat. I definitely didn't spot any inside pockets on him. Weird... Giovvi flipped through them much too quickly and gave them back to Sayoku. Right. Sayoku grabbed my arm and dragged me outside, practically throwing me into the black Mercedes Benz.

He took off at a reckless speed and swerved to a stop at a nearby AMPM. "Are you fucking crazy?!!" he roared at me, ripping off his sunglasses. I saw those beautiful silver eyes. Whoa, beautiful.

"What?" I asked as innocently as I could, totally confused. Who the hell was he, anyway?

He sighed, slumping against the back of his seat. I noticed that I liked the way his hair fell back when he did that. "Kid, you died, right?"

"I-I'm not sure," I blinked, concentrating on how I survived the fall from the Shika building. "I mean."

"Shit, kid, you don't even know, do you?"

"Know what?"

"You're demon-dead, kid," he rolled his eyes. Stop calling me 'kid,' I thought, and was startled when he grabbed my shirt collar, pulling me closer. "You don't tell me what to do, kid," he forced me to stare him straight in the eye. Did I say that out loud. . .?

I couldn't suppress the shudder that convulsed through my body suddenly. He grinned, released me, and returned to his slouchy (yet sexy) position. He held out his right hand, "I'm Daku. You are?"

I took his right hand with mine, "I'm Ailill. I thought your name was Sayoku?"

"Shit, that's just what they think it is, kid." He laughed when I frowned.

"So. . ." I let go of his hand, but his grip didn't waver. So I watched our hands as they sat in midair, wondering why the hell Daku wouldn't let go of my hand. Thinking of his name, I quickly ran through my Japanese-class word databank. Basically the leftover Japanese crap still stuck in my head. Didn't 'Daku' mean 'hug'? Weird name. ". . . So, what's this demon-dead thing like?"


"What?" I blushed unconsciously. Shit.

"You are demon-dead, kid. Look at yourself. Geez, get a life, kid." Him calling me 'kid' was really getting on my nerves. He sighed at my expressions- first confusion and then annoyance. "You died, it's like being a zombie- only better 'cause it's like immortality, too." Another sigh.

"So, I'm a zombie. . ."

"But you're alive."

"So think that I'm a demon- like, immortal- and I'm dead, so I can't die again."

"Of course you can die again. You can die as many fucking times as you want to, kid."

I finally managed to wrench my hand away from his grip, my hand a little tingly from the contact. Opening the door, I almost stepped out, except Daku grabbed my arm and jerked me back in. I landed with an "Oomph!" on my ass, my lower back digging into the stick and my head on Daku's right leg as I stared up into those silver eyes.

The door slammed shut on its own, my feet had found their way in. This was just a little bit weird. . .

"Kid, you are not getting out of this fucking car until I fucking say so, got it?" His eyes hardened at that spoken thought, and the way they tinged just a little bit darker was so mesmerizing. Shit.

I nodded forcefully, and hauled myself back into the shotgun's bucket seat and sat there, staring at the bright lights outside.

"Buckle up."

I belted myself in.


My body relaxed- my mind didn't. My mind knew something weird was going on. Something very, very weird. This time when he drove, it was at speed limit and he had the radio on. Who knew someone like him would listen to the blues?

"Get out," he said when we arrived in front of an apartment building. I unbuckled and got out, waiting impatiently while my mind desperately tried to tell my body to run for it. My eyes found my feet- and saw that I still wasn't wearing any shoes.

"Follow me," Daku said, and I followed. My mind was tiring itself out- screaming at my body to get the fuck out of there.

An elevator. Shimmering gold and red and black. . . Stop at a level- which one? The buttons were too pretty and blue. . . Follow Daku out, isn't he so pretty? Couldn't you just do this for the rest of your life? Yes. Oh, yes. Watch his hands as he inserts slide-key into the slot and opens the door. Follow him in. . . Hear the door shut. Isn't he so pretty? Oh, yes, yes, yes. Smile as he sits you down on the couch. So soft. See a crystal ball on the coffee table. . . Oops, Daku says to not touch. Sorry, sorry, Pretty-Daku. Ooh, what's this? Eew, it smells gross. Daku wants you to drink it; Okay. So sleepy. . . so comfortable. A red and silver throw pillow. . . Not as pretty as Daku, but it will do for now. Is this what he smells like? Mmmm. . . Daku must smell better than this. . .


"Ailill! Where have you been all night?!" Beth Krione- Ailill's aunt- scolded.

"Ow. . ." Ailill rubbed his head, "Quiet down, jeeze."

"Where have you been!?!! You scared the shit out of me!!"

Ailill sighed, and glared at his aunt. She stiffened, and almost ran out of his room. Swinging his legs over the bed's edge, he looked up and at his reflection in his mirror- and froze at what he saw. My blue eyes had changed. One reminded me of Crayola's cornflower blue color- the other had color barely differentiating from the white in a person's eye- but it had a pinkish tinge to it.

Whoa, awesome.

I continued to stare into my own eyes, seeing reality as Daku saw it. Whoa, Daku? Wasn't he just a dream? A crazy, fucked up dream? I don't even remember what happened last night, do I? I know a little. . .

Okay, so the homicide and suicide, police station, black Mercedes- Benz, trying to get out of the car. . . looking up into Daku's face. . . The rest is too blurry- what happened. . .?

**** Until the night slowly ended, I was embracing you Until I lose everything, without noticing I was being drowned in silence ~Gackt "Oasis"

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