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Tooi kako ni ikitsuzukeru utsuroge na kimi ga iru/

Itsumademo ugokanai no nara kirisakarereba ii****     


"-Ailill-?"  I asked, surprised, as I stared at his bloody state. He fell into me, and for a moment I didn't know what to do with him.

            But just for a moment.

            I pulled Ailill's body into my apartment, kicking the door closed behind me. Holding him in my arms, I carried him to my bedroom and lay him down gently, feeling for his pulse. Catching myself before I smiled in admiring relief, I pulled out the sanitized kit I kept in my bathroom before ripping his shirt off and setting to work.

            Hours after I'd started, I had fifteen bullets lying in a bloody mess on my floor, and an even bloodier mess on my bed. My hands and clothes were soaked, Ailill was, too. If he were mortal still, he'd have died by now. Fortunately, I knew some spells and potions that would clot the blood and encourage his body to heal. I didn't want him dying too many times on me.

            And I didn't want him to have holes in his beautiful body, either.

            It was a week before Ailill opened his eyes. By then I'd changed the sheets and cleaned the room. After a night on my couch I decided that I'd share the bed with his unconscious heap of a body. It wasn't even awake- what could it care? So I spent my nights in the bed next to him, annoyed at how he seemed so peaceful there, yet I was the one stuck with this. It's too fucking weird to rape things, in my point of view. It's better to just kill them and walk away. Of course, Ailill was already dead.

            I never had any decent nights sleep.

            Anyway, when he opened his eyes I was watching him, half- awake. He hoarsely whispered my name, weakly trying to lift his head up. I snapped out of my daze, and ordered him to lie back down.

            Grumbling, I crawled out of my nice warm bed and padded my way to the kitchen, my feet freezing cold because the floor was fucking cold and no one had the decency to turn on their damn heaters.

            I made Ailill some tea and soup, and then carried him to the kitchen table after wrapping him in blankets. I know he was complaining mentally, but he was too obedient of me to complain when he knew I wouldn't like it.

            I made him drink the tea- even though I knew he still hated the stuff, and when he was too weak to lift the spoon anymore, I spoon fed him the rest of his soup.


            "Sayoku!" a voice pounded on my door, narrowing my eyes, I cast a double-layer protection spell around Ailill and opened it.

            "Yes?" I asked the policemen, watching them with glaring eyes.

            "You've heard of the Sanai Street Incident from the other day, haven't you?"


            "According to our sources, you were seen with the boy on several occasions, Giovvi saw him too, Sayoku."

            "Great. Don't you know what the hell Giovvi is on?" I fed the air with ice.

            The policemen shivered, watched in surprise as they saw their breath exhale in a white cloud. "We have the papers, Sayoku."

            "Then, by all means, come in," I stepped to the side, knowing that the two officers would end up being one of two things- dead or brainwashed. It was their decision.

            I closed the door behind them, leaning against it until I heard a weak, frightened gasp.

            "D-Daku?" he whimpered weakly, clearly terrified.

            "Holy fucking Christ!" one of the policemen exclaimed, astonished, "It's him!"

            "Fuckin' A," the other could barely talk, "He was half-dead when we shot him. I was expectin' some dead body in some fucking freezer room."

            "I'd never use the same trick twice, boys," I said from behind them, startling them.

            "O-Oh," one blinked, then regained his composure. "I'm afraid we'll have to take both of you to the station, Sayoku."

            "No, you won't," I smiled pleasantly, "Because I'm giving you two choices. One: Die; Two: Brainwash. Go ahead and pick one, but choose quickly. If you'll excuse me," I pushed through the two of them, gathering Ailill into my arms, "He's still quite tired and desperately needs his rest."

            "Fuckin' A," one repeated himself, and they watched me walk away.

            "Daku?" Ailill said, frightened, "You're not going to let them take me, are you?" He sounded like a little lost puppy. He was so adorable.

            "No, Ailill. I meant what I said," I kicked the covers away with a foot, then lay him down gently before tucking him in tight enough to almost choke him. "They get to choose between dying and brainwash. I'll kill them all if I have to. You're mine. I won't let them have you. Not ever," I nodded and felt my eyes harden. Ailill nodded, too. Sensing what I wanted, he closed his eyes and began to fall asleep.

            That was good. Because I didn't want him to hear what was going to happen to those two men.  

            "Well?" I asked impatiently, leaning against the doorway, watching them.

            "We called in reinforcements, Sayoku."

            "I know," I nodded, just a tad upset, "But you still have to choose. Death or a lost memory? You won't know who you are, or where, or when. Other people will, but you won't be able to know who they are or if you can trust them," I grinned in delight, "You'll go insane."

            "Soon the reinforcements will be here, Sayoku. You'll be arrested and-"

            "And then you'll all die. I don't care what I have to do- he's mine. You can't have him, you can't fucking touch him," my voice rose and I felt the rage burning in my eyes, "He's mine! MINE! You can't have him, DO YOU HEAR ME?!!!"

            The men whimpered and winced in pain, dropping to their knees from the volume of my voice. "Fuckin' A," that one really needed to come up with something else to say.

            "Sayoku!" an officer yelled, and I whirled around to my now- open and broken front door and the guns aimed at me. "Hand the kid over, Sayoku!"

            "HE'S MINE!" all I could see was blurred and distorted and full of hatred. Bliss. "MINE! YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!"

            "Sayoku! Relax! We're taking him in because he's DANGEROUS, Sayoku!"

            I had lunged at one of the whimpering officers, pissed off at him and craving bloodshed. I had unsheathed my claws and sliced through his shoulder, then his neck. He fell on the floor, a bloody heap.

            "Fuckin' A," the other whimpering officer winced, terrified. Oops, wrong one.

            I sliced through that one, too, and felt a few bullets hit me. I whirled around at the officers, a lazy grin spread across my lips. Fools, did they really think that something that small would be able to defeat me?!

            More bullets hit me square in the chest- they had terrible aim. No matter what they did they could never seem to hit me in the heart, as if it would matter. I was dead. I reached up and grabbed two by their necks, lifting them off the ground and letting my already bloodstained claws sink into their fragile skin.

            Dead, they fell to the ground when I released them, licking the delicious taste of blood from my claws while watching the remaining petrified policemen. Soon, they were dead, too.


            I woke to the sound of grunting and rather pissed off growls.

            "Daku?" I whispered, pushing myself up.

            "Shut up and lie down," he growled at me. Without question, I did as I was told. But I didn't close my eyes because I was –worried-. What was wrong? Daku, please tell me . . .

 "Fuck," he sighed and I heard footsteps coming toward me, "Ailill, pull them out, will you?"

            I rolled over to face him, and stared at too many holes in his chest, a pair of bloody -things- in his now-clawed and bloody hands. Shocked, I whimpered and shivered before I pushed myself up and he sat down in front of me.


Continuing to live in the far off past is your hollow self/

If you're forever unmoved, you should be torn to pieces    

~Gackt "Oasis"

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