Possessed. You automatically think of demons, don't you? Unable to control anything? This is the story of Renai, Roku, and the rather obsessive demon, Twilight. Warnings: Shonen-ai (boy x boy love). Uhm. yesh. it's rated this *points to the rating* for a reason, thank you.



Kimi no me ni utsutteru boku no egao wa subete ga mukuwarenai/

Saisho kara wakatteta hazu na no ni. . .

_ _ _

When I opened my eyes, I first saw the haze of the doubled floor. My head immediately ached as I looked at the world around me. It was the best I could do, I didn't have my glasses and my contacts, obviously, weren't in. But from what I could tell, I wasn't in my room.

"Roku?" I heard a timid voice, and looked to the three Renai's. I have terrible vision, don't I?

"Renai?" I asked dumbly, "What happened?"

"Nothing," his voice was small. Damn, that kid really needed to open up or something.

"Renai!" there was a pounding on the door from behind me, a woman's voice, "Get up or you'll be late!"

"I'm not going!" he yelled, standing up from the position on his bed.

"Yes you are! Mom and Daddy are waiting! You can't stay here because," her voice lowered, "because you- know- who is coming. Get dressed and get out of there!"

Renai was dressed, from what I could tell. Old faded clothes that hung off his body and a pair of un- matching socks, I think. I gave my mind some time to contemplate the socks. Weird.

"Dude, your socks don't match," I pointed out.

"Who was that?! Renai!" the doorknob jingled.

"Get out of here!" Renai yelled back at the woman, backing away from the door to the wall behind it. Wait, I concentrated on the figure in the middle, sort of crossing my eyes in the process. Okay, yeah, his walls were yellow and old and faded. He needed to redecorate.

"I don't have time for this!" she yelled, and I heard her stomp down the hall, I felt it, too, since I was still lying on the ground.

"Sorry," Renai looked at me apologetically, I think. Dude, not being able to see sucks.

"Help me up? Just like, pull me up or something, dude. I'm fucking blind."

He helped me up, making me sit on his bed while he sat a little away from me- on the floor. -

"Renai. . .?" a woman's voice asked from the door, "Renai, come out, sweetheart. It's time to go see Mr. Burei. Come on, please." Renai said nothing. "Open the door?" the question wasn't for Renai.

"Yeah," a man's gruff voice sighed, and then a jumble of something in the lock was heard, followed by the door opening. "Renai, get your ass out of there and-" He noticed Roku, "Who the hell is that?!"

'They will not touch Renai,' Twilight hissed.

"Dude, Twi' says not to let them touch you."

Renai turned and stared at me, eyes wide in horror as he backed into the opposite side of the room, his focus solely on Roku. "What?" his mouth said, while no sound was made.

"Dude, just what I said. Twi' doesn't want anyone to touch you," I glared at the air in front of him, "If the jerk learns to carry around contacts or glasses or something for me, I'd be glad to be the constant go- between for you two.

'Big, mean, bad Roku.'

"Hey, a trade's a trade, right?" *

"Y- you're making a deal with him?!!" Renai's voice rose, and he huddled in a crouched position underneath the window.

"Dude, what else am I supposed to do?" Roku glared at Renai instead of the air, which proved to be more difficult.

"Shut up!" Renai's father roared, "You're both fucking insane and Renai will get into the car right now! You!" he pointed a fat finger at Roku, "You'll leave my son alone, you hear?!"

Roku grinned at the man, "Dude, you're dead."

"What?!" Renai began stuttering incomprehensible sounds, while his mother pushed him to the car. Twilight hissed but did nothing else.

"Out!" the big man's face was turning red. *

Renai stared out the window of Doctor Burei's office. He'd been there for half an hour, not answering any of the doctor's questions. Not letting the man touch him. His mind was consumed with the fact that Twilight, the Voice, wanted to kill his father. When would it happen? It'd been two weeks since he'd seen Twilight, and he'd only seen Roku twice in that time.

Nothing had happened.

"Renai," the doctor sighed once again, "Renai, please. I'm trying to help you."

Renai said nothing, but there was a soft knock on the door, "Doctor Burei, your next patient is here."

"Yes, thank you Mai," he replied with another sigh, "Go ahead and leave, Renai."

So he left without saying a word.

The air was cold as it hit his skin, and he didn't have a sweater. It still didn't matter; at least he could feel the cold.

Touching people was easier now. The fear wasn't so great that it consumed his whole life. True, the only 'friend' he had was Roku, which in turn was Twilight. The two of them seemed to be getting along quite well, didn't they?


I slouched against the wall, holding my ice cream cone in one hand while listening to my mix of J-rock songs. Twilight didn't mind them, and if he did, he didn't tell me anything. Like the idiot ever would.

'I heard that,' he scowled, suddenly taking control of my hand and dumping what remained of my ice cream onto me.

"What the hell was that for?!" I yelled, oblivious to the murmurs and stares I got, "You bastard!"

My hand punched me in the jaw, and I glared at it. Twilight had an apathetic view of me, and I glared at that recognition as well.

Suddenly, Twilight jolted in my mind, making me twitch visibly. 'Don't move so fast,' I complained to him, letting his demonic senses wash over me.

'Smell that?' Twilight showed me, 'It's -him-.'

"Wha-?" I focused on Renai's scent, engrossing myself in his soft sweet aroma. It smelt of fresh rain- I think. If not, then that's what I was mentally relating his delicious scent to.

'Delicious?' I was taken aback momentarily from my own mental comment, but Twilight took the opportunity to overwhelm me while I was careless, and my mind descended into darkness, while my body shifted to Twilight's control.


Renai was strolling along the dusty gray sidewalk, bright sunlight warming his skin with its soft caress of warmth. His mind was wandering, completely blank of anything to think about. He was enjoying the simplicity of it all, leaving his 'insanity' behind him, as well as the shrink.

An arm suddenly shot out from the dark shadows into the bright light, clutching his arm so tightly it ached from the contact. Renai was ripped from his pleasant, angelic world of light and wrenched into the world of demonic darkness.

He was shoved against the wall, strong arms pinning him there and the rough bricks dug into his back. Seeing his captor's bright golden, catlike eyes, Renai whimpered.

"Renai," Twilight bent forward, his lips close to the boy's ear, "I've missed you, Renai."

The warm breath tickled his ear and caressed his neck in a ghostlike touch. Renai shivered, shrinking back against the wall, not daring to say a word.

"What's wrong, Renai?" Twilight smiled, pressing his lips to the crook in Renai's neck, his kisses soft and teasing. "Haven't you missed me, too?"

Renai was silent, and was frozen as he watched the shadows on the other wall, yearning for the light once more. '-No-,' he pleaded in his mind, '-Please-, no.' Closing his eyes, he couldn't help but let one tear escape, sliding down his cheek. Twilight pulled back, and narrowed his golden eyes as he watched the tear slide down the boy's cheek.

Sharp claws dug into Renai's shoulders, and pressed him more firmly, more painfully, into the jagged brick wall behind him.

"Look at me," he hissed, tightening his grip when Renai winced, "LOOK AT ME!"

Renai slowly pried open his eyes, and Twilight glared into his very soul, anger filling him. Finally finding his voice, Renai whispered, "Yes . . .?"

"You fear me?" Twilight was having trouble keeping his voice down, but he obviously didn't realize what his demonic strength was doing to the boy, "You FEAR me?!"

When Renai remained silent, Twilight pulled him forward into a tight, painful embrace, "Answer me!"

"Y-yes," Renai murmured, keeping his body completely still.

Renai felt himself being gathered into Twilight's arms, holding him like a child in the arms of a loved one. Twilight crouched down, then leapt up atop the buildings with catlike grace. Frightened, Renai wrapped his arms around the demon's neck and clung onto him, barely noticing the way Twilight's arms tightened around his own body.


When I woke up, I was laying in a slightly familiar room. Something was weird, because I hadn't remembered anything after I'd passed out. The bed beneath me was a little uncomfortable, and the blankets around me smelled like soft rain. The wallpaper on the wall to my right was faded and yellow. And the boy who slept peacefully on my chest was beautiful.

The pieces 'clicked', and I almost shot upright, but the fact that Renai slept so close to me, so -peacefully-, changed my mind, and I checked to see what I wore.

Sighing in relief as I knew that *both* of us wore all of our clothes and we were merely cuddling in bed, I wrapped my arms around Renai, closing my eyes and resting in the sweet bliss.