SUMMARY: Murder makes one free.

A/N: Was I on crack when I wrote this thing? Stole basic philosophy from Murder By Numbers.


I never imagined killing another human being would prove to be so effortless, but it was. All I had to do was slide the blade between his ribs. After the initial resistance of the flesh, the knife slid in with relative ease.

I used to be a normal man. I once longed to be a normal man who did not fantasize about murdering people - and then acting on such fantasies.

My mind drifts back to my first murder. It was so exhilarating and sexually fulfilling.

Murder is an act of defiance, an act of freedom. When one murders another human being, takes another life, you are defying society, God. Only then are you are truly free.

As I remove the blood-slick knife blade from my most recent victim, I run my fingertips down over his soft, paper-thin eyelids. I move my thumb down his Adam's apple, and back up. Like a work of art he is splayed out, hands out flung and legs spread.

Painting was Pablo Ruiz Picasso's artistic outlet. Music was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's artistic outlet.

And murder is mine.