A/N: Do you cook crabs? Is that how you say it? Or is it boil...*goes on rambling on all different methods of cooking/frying/so on, but I know it's not frying*

Cooking Crabs


You trick the little,

Thing into the cage,

It's enclosure


You turn up the heat

Letting it slowly die

Inside the metal

Which traps it

It struggles

Threatening to throw off

The only opening door

Of it's cage

You hold down tight

That one door

It's only hope

It's only light

It thrashes inside

You dream of a feast

It scrapes at the walls,

You ignore its silent cries

Movement ceases

You wait

For you know

Even if you're superior

It will not give up

It flails its legs wildly

Ready for another go

But once again

It stops…

After only but awhile

You wait a little longer

All has stopped

It's body overwhelmed

By the boiling heat

You have won your dinner

It has lost its life

There was no chance for it

You know…

That's why,

It makes the meal,

All the more better

A/N: So how'd you like it? Doesn't it just remind you of those cruel evil ppl in stories? ^_^ Well that was slightly my point, for you guys to relate to other things in stories, tales, so on…I was inspired by…well…actually my mom cooking crabs. ^^ Kinda dorky, but hey, it worked!