Fairytale Truth

Encore: Time and Time

"Kira?  Are you in here?"  Kira lifted her hand above the chair she was curled in.  Sanura strode through the open door and knelt down in front of the chair.  She smiled at the slumbering bundle in Kira's arms.

"Did you ever think that you'd have a kid?" Sanura asked softly, not willing to wake the newborn.  "Did you ever think that we'd have a kid?"  Kira smiled in a perfectly maternal way, gently stroking the little girl's light brown hair.

"I can't say that I ever thought of it when I was younger," she answered in the same quiet voice.  "But now that she's really here, I don't think we'll be able to remember life without her."  Sanura hummed her agreement, tapping a long finger against the baby's nose with the gentleness only a parent could achieve.

"Our little Mai," she murmured.  "She's so cute.  I still can't believe we're parents to such a pretty little girl."  Sensing that Sanura would like to hold Mai as well, Kira easily shifted their child to her wife's arms.  Sanura smiled broadly, carefully sitting on the floor without waking Mai.  Kira turned in the chair slightly, leaning on the armrest with her shoulder and gazing lovingly at her wife and her daughter.  She began to pet Sanura's head, brushing her fingers through Sanura's short red hair.

"Do you know what I've always liked about my mother's books?" Kira asked suddenly, still quiet.  Sanura turned her head to ask silently.

"She always gives the lovers a happy ending together," Kira said with a smile.  "There's no separations or untimely demises.  Through all their struggles, the lovers always remain together—like they should."  Sanura smiled and kissed Kira with every bit of love in her heart.

"Truer words were never spoken, dear heart," Sanura murmured.  "True love is true love, no matter what.  I'm glad a few people in the world understand that.  I'm glad that we're in love like that."  Kira smiled even more, wrapping her arms around Sanura.

"I love you so much, my darling Sanura," Kira whispered blissfully.

"And I love you, my sweet Kira," Sanura replied with the same joy.  "And I love you."  The three sat together, one new and slumbering, and the other two overpowered by their emotions and love.  Everything that had happened was worth it because it was all for love.  For that, Kira and Sanura were happy.

Nothing else in the world mattered.  No anger, no hatred, no malice mattered at all in this place.  There was nothing that truly could matter against love.  It was all for love.

It was all for love.