Blood of Sorrow

By: Akiko Minako


            I licked the blood of my claws, smirking as I watched my lighter side curl herself up in the corner. She was scared of me, scared of what I might do to her next. Good. She should be. I licked the rest of the blood off my claws and walked over to her, bending down and grabbing the chain to one of her wrists.

            I yanked the chain harshly, pulling her from the corner and to my feet. She looked up at me, her crystal clear blue eyes full of terror. I tilted my head to the side and licked my lips, still watching her eyes. They were the opposite color of mine; mine were a dark blue and her's a crystal blue. But seeing as she is my lighter side and all, I guess it would make scene.

            I dropped the chain and kicked her back into the corner to let her curl up and hide. I walked off in the direction of my room. I stepped out of the room I kept her in and closed it behind me, locking it and dropping the key into my shirt where it would stay put.

            I continued my journey down the hall to my room, walking past a few doors on my way. I finally reached my room after about five minutes or so and opened my door, and stepped in, closing the door behind me. I locked the door and walked over to my closet and pulled out a few things, laying them on my bed. Then pulled out a new set of clothes, laying them on my bed.

            I pulled the key out of my shirt and set it on the table next to my bed, then pulled my shirt off over my head. I grabbed the key off my table and placed it into my bra and grabbed the other shirt I pulled out, pulling it over my head and down to my waist. I then undid the pair of pants I was wearing and took them off, tossing them to the ground. I grabbed the pair on my bed and put them on. I buttoned them and grabbed a belt from my bed, placing it around the waist of my pants but loosely so it could hang down a bit on a side.

            I grabbed some chains I had and attached them to my belt and then some of the ends to my pant legs and the rest I allowed to hang. Grabbing my spiked collar from my bed and I placed that on and grabbed my spiked glove, pulling that onto my right hand. I then grabbed some golden band and slipped them onto both my upper arms.

            I closed my closet door when I was finished in there and walked over to my dresser, grabbing some lip stick and putting it on and the rest of my make up I normally wore on a night out, which was eye shadow, mascara, and some blush.

            I walked back over to my bed and grabbed a small band and put it around my left thigh; picking up the dagger I placed on my bed I shoved that into the holder on the band around my thigh. I picked up a small handheld gun and slipped it into my boot on my right foot.

            I smirked lightly and walked to my door, unlocking it and then opening it. I stepped out and closed it behind me. I started towards the room where my lighter half was locked.

            I grabbed the key out of my bra and unlocked the door holding her in. Slowly stepping in I threw her the key to her chains and the key to her cell. She moved slightly as the key hit her in the side. She shifted and picked up the keys, looking at me with her innocent eyes, that made me feel like I was about to puke.

            "I'm going out, you wanna clean your wounds then there's the key to your chains and cell. Get something to eat and wander about, I don't really care," I spoke as I turned and walked out. As I did I heard a soft 'thank you' from her. I stopped for a second then shook my head and walked towards the front door.

            I grumbled and walked out the front door of the house. I glanced down at my watch and narrowed my eyes slightly; I was going to be late. I shrugged slightly; even though I hated being late it was my fault. I wonder what caused me to abuse her like that, that was the first time I ever did, I harmed her and she was the only one who truly understood my ways, I think that's why she was always able to forgive me after I treated her like shit. I sighed and pushed those thoughts out of my head and started walking down the sidewalk towards the worst part of town.

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