Save It For Someone Who Cares

(Note: Read the title as the first line...)

for it is nothing new to me.

Save your glares, they are not melting me, your smirks, they do not make me wonder, your language, I have heard it all before... I don't need it or want it. Please don't give it.

Save your pitiful begging, I have seen it all before.

Save your gentle pleading, it doesn't wear me down. Save it, it's not for me.

I don't want to hear your lies... I hate to watch you cry... but life doesn't like doing things my way... and I've had 13 years of memories to figure that out.

Look back, but don't hold on. Look forward, but don't wait till it's gone.

Save your preaching... I get enough at home.

Save your lectures, they mean nothing to me.

Stop holding on before I push my way out. Let me go, let me wander about, on my own, and I will return. Stop worrying about my life and let me live it. Worry about your own. You are not yet over the edge of the cliff, falling down the hill, drowning in the rapids.

You have a life and so do I.

Don't interfere.

Save your sweater, your cocoa, your blanket. I will endure the cold... alone, I will make it. Save your ice, your fan, your cold water bottle. I am not passing out, not yet, at least.

And when and if I do, then you may worry, you may carry me to a bed, and watch over me. And you may offer me these things.

But not now. I do not need your life equipment or experience, I will find my own. I will not hear your lessons, I must learn them myself. Do not fight me, don't resist my change, don't force it, don't encourage it. Leave it be.

If I run away, don't chase me 'cross the globe. If I never leave, don't push me out the door. If I sit, don't make me stand again. If I walk, don't make me run. Just 'cause I rest doesn't mean my race is done. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

And until I'm done, let your faith stay strong, for though I may waver, stumble, even fall, I will finish.

But until then, save it for someone who cares.