rain falling as it does
tears of the soul
skimming down my skin
shiver and hold
my very own piece of pain
you go soft in the eyes
and I know what you see
another storm coming on

and you know I'm weak
to want this anyway
to make you want it too
the rain only makes it worse
my heart offered up to the sky
and the older rhythm
of earth and sky and another dominion
demands hearing.

and when you leave me love
like never before
and never again
it will only rain in my soul
right where I belong
in water and my own ocean
its always been me who couldn't
hold back despite the lack
of logic and the unavoidable point
arch and miss
we knew it would be like this.

so the rain runs, against the tide
of my veins, blue and sweet
like when you kiss me
on a night not long enough
to hold all that we've said
and all that we are
between ourselves, when in the dark
skin says more than eyes.