I wake to birds singing, and to my mother thrusting open the curtains to let the warm sunshine trickle threw, 'Wake up Dove darling, it is another day to cherish you are alive!' Gracefully she walks over to me and bends down to place a soft kiss on my forehead.

I jolt awake, my hand springs to my forehead, 'Just another dream', I whisper to my self. The little children of the orphanage are already running and screaming with laughter. Using my fist to grind away the sleep, I toss of my blankets and stand on the cold wooden floor, looking around, I see my room mate Dana has already gotten up; I walk over and close the door to the bedroom, it does little to muffle to squeals and giggles of the children.

I walk over to my dressing table, which Dana and I both share, and choose a white skirt and an emerald green tank top to match my eyes, I also put on some white sandals. Already late for breakfast, I peer at my self in the mirror, 'Petite, very petite' is what my friend Sherrie says, 'You are built short, but petite.' She may mean it as a complement, but I hate it, standing at only 4'10, I have bright green eyes and blonde hair, Ms. Philips my English teacher says it is silver white, and that I am lucky, that I am original.

Smiling, I run my brush through my hair, and tie in a green ribbon. I sigh, oh well, at least I'm thin, with no hips or breasts; I am a fifteen year old stuck in a nine year olds body. I groan, and walk out of the bedroom.

The day goes fast, until I am in English; a girl walks in, her blonde hair tied in a secure bun, and her figure surrounded by a billowing loose fitting yellow dress, her over large hazel eyes magnified by black thick rimmed glasses sweep the class room for the teacher, I notice her as being the girl in the room next to mine: Lisa-Mary Jioll. The class slowly look up to see who has entered, but all snaps to attention when they realise she is holding a pink note, this means a pair of potential parents are waiting in the principles office for a child they wish to have. Lisa clutches the note as if for dear life, and then hands it over to the teacher, Ms. Philips as if it were to shatter into a million pieces,

'Sorry to interrupt your class Ms. Philips.' Flicking a smile onto her face, she rushes out of the room before Ms. Philips can respond, I see Lisa's eyes fill with tears; no one has ever looked her way even once. Ms. Philips smiles gently, the whole class leans forward hoping to hear their name 'Dove, can you please pack up everything, Mrs. Wickstoff would like to see you.' The class groans, two girls even break out in tears. I pack up, everyone watches my every movement; I give them all a hopeful smile, only several smile back. 'Thankyou Ms. Philips.'

Looking hopeful for me she replies 'Good luck Dove, it will not be the same without you.' She bends down, giving me a kiss on my forehead which warms me; she seems so much like what a mother should be.

I whisper a small prayer and walk out the door without looking back.