Untouchable (part one) 11/22/03 finnished: 4:58pm

My worst fears become true. I fear that I have started something on 11/11 and the 1 month aniversay will hit the spot... 12/11. I don't know what I will do. Chills are beyond down my spine. I cut a cross- not a cross of Christ -but a cross on my skin... hopefully something will leave me alone. I have never been so terrified- and I have the sight and a strong sixth sense- that would drive anyone mad. Though I've been told I am intelegent and I am strong willed... But this is a strong force- and I yet to know how to defeat it. Maybe it has to do with the dream I've had since I could remember.

Like this:

I was a little girl and I was walking down a street on my way home from school, then a raven flew by me, and all I could see afterward were feathers floating to the ground. I was old enough where I had the sight, but young enough to not remember 'till now. I find it weird that this dream occurred when I had not many problems, or too many problems. Well anyway, then, the way that the raven flew from, I saw a man with black hair and red eyes, he looked angry and upset, he stopped when he saw me. I looked at him, and he stared at me-- he looked at least twenty, he asked me in a raspy voice if a large raven had come this way. I nodded my head, and said, "I think the raven dropped this, is this the reason you were chasing him?" I handed him a pendant- red with a black feather imbetted in it. He looked at it, then he looked at me, he looked suprised, like I wasn't supposed to see it, or touch it, or hold it, or smell it. He had an aura... It was neither good nor evil, but it was still scary to look deep into his "pools of blood" you call eyes... I just had to know what he was thinking-- he looked like he was scared of me... but I was only a little girl. The man looked worried, like he had a secret... like the secret was for me... I reached out for him, I hugged him, he was even more suprised, and relieved because I could touch him. Though it was weird, very weird, I heard all of his thoughts. "Is she the girl", "The savior", "the one", "Will she be one of us... or run away"... Since I was still a child, I had to ask, "One of what, sir?" He looked down to me and said... "Y-you heard me...?!"

Then I wake up in a cold sweat. It is becoming more real, and more things become clearer, like the man's face... though I get older... but he stays the same. I wonder what this means, and by the way, I've always wanted to become a vampire.