Untouchable (part two: Clearly Clearer)

{I'm sorry this one is so short, I only write when my dream prevails.}

I had the dream again. Though little has changed, I still had it.

So, I was walking as usual, I talked to him, and this time, he asked me to draw blood. It was a test... i think. So I bit my arm, and I drew blood. He asked me why I didn't just use the knife in my pocket. How did he know I had a knife? He's still too mysterious... "How did you know I had a knife? And why am I forming claws? I don't understand! Why are you here-- why am I here?"

"You'll find out," he said in his raspy voice.

Then I wake up. For some reason, I check my arm, there are bite marks where I bit myself-- in my dream. And I hate floresent lighting...