For Him-

I have to see him again
always choking at the sight
broken memories of the perfect dad
the one I never had
slicing my memories in two
that girl drowns inside me
the one who's dad wasnt a dad
one who was never really there
broken in my eyes
seeing him hurting her
then him watching me see the pain
and hurting me aswell
the hatred in my heart
always torn apart
saying I am worthless
never amounting to anything
give you a dime for love to spare... it
won't work
it never will
the girl who amounts to nothing... is what to you?
a daughter you never wanted?

For "Friends"-

The fool:
I play the fool
for being here
for thinking they are my friends
they call me stupid
they think its okay
its not but i dont stop them
therefore I play the fool
I play the fool
for letting them laugh
at me
for who I am
or what I will amount to be
they're a little different
I dont hate them for that
I hate them for hating me first
but i dont do anything
so I playy the fool
I let them treat me badly
not defending myself or my messed up family
i play the fool
I am such a fool...

For Love-

I love the way you are
but I hate that you hated me first
I loved that I loved you second
therefore my fall was not as hard
I hate that I hated you second
therefore I loved you longer
I love the way you hate me
because I hate you just the same
I hate that you're tired of me
because I got tired of you first...