you're on my mind
like that thought i've got
you're in my mind
like that thought I never lost
eyes at a lost hour
like some cheschire cat
luring me out of the corner
to talk about the insanity
of you and I, us and the world
must be crazy
to begrudge us this, even this
sheltered to our storms,
a flame despite the consequencialities.

it must be a matter of moment
of maybe not and might be, could be
regarded and discarded
to feed and flame and eventually
we both know it'll be a fallout.
I can't say I like it because I don't
and I don't think it's right
how it always turns out like this.

I can't tell you more
and I think you already know
how it is, just how I love you
like a match in my mind
beautiful and flamed all the way down
flaring and falling before my eyes
and so close to the thought
that we're both on fire.