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Summary: When the new student Jordan comes to Peter's class, Peter is determined to have him. But when Peter finds out that Jordan is "Straight", it now becomes the "Art of Seduction". Will Peter get his man?

The Art of Seduction

Lesson 1: Choose Your Man

Peter sighed, and ran his hand through his spiky black hair, his blue eyes dull with boredom. He yawned, biting his lip hard, struggling to stay awake. His best friend Kyle sighed, and shook his head, his long blonde falling into his eyes.

"Yo man, stay awake! If you fall asleep, Mr. Morris will have your ass!" Peter smiled, and shook his head. "That's what you say everyday! I have that guy in the palm of my hand. There is no way that he will ever get mad at me!" Kyle shook his head in amazement. "I still don't know how you do it man, Mr. Morris hates everyone but you. What the hell did you do to make him like you so much?" he asked.

Peter just shook his finger at his friend, and laughed. "Nuh uh Kyle. That's my secret." He stopped talking, and turned around when his History teacher walked into the room. He scowled at everyone, and then turned and smiled at Peter. Kyle sighed and rolled his eyes and muttered, "Figures."

Mr. Morris walked to the chalkboard, and then surveyed all of his students. "We have a new student joining us today. Hopefully he will get all of your brains working. The only decent student we have in here is Mr. Phelps. You should take after Peter. Anyway, your new student's name is Jordan Trents. Please come in."

The door opened, and a tall well muscled man, with brown hair perfectly spiked, and baggy black pants. He was wearing a black "Slipknot" shirt, and he both a lip and eyebrow ring. He was also wearing spiky bracelets, and his outfit was completed by a pocket chain.

"Mr. Trents came from New Britian, and he transferred from a Public school. He was the top of his class. Hopefully you punks can take after him. Now go and sit near Mr. Phelps. Raise your hand so that he can see you Peter."

Totally transfixed, Peter nodded. His head was buzzing. He saw many girls checking him out, and he felt immensly jealous. It didn't help when he saw that Jordan was also checking out some of them too.

He turned around, and still gazing at Jordan, he whispered to his best friend, "Man, he's my future boy friend." Kyle looked at Jordan skeptically, and answered, "Man, he's clearly straight. How are you going to get him?"

He started softly laughing, and totally checked out Jordan as he went to sit down. "Kyle, watch me. It's called the Art of Seduction."

Kyle laughed, "Show me man." Peter laughed again, watching Jordan flirt with a girl in front of him. "Time me, in one week Jordan will be begging for me."

They shook hands, and and Kyle doubtfully glanced at Jordan. "You're on."

End of Chapter: Lesson One: Choose Your Man

Lesson Two: Introduce Yourself

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