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The Art of Seduction Lesson Four: Eliminate Your Competition

"So," Kyle whispered to Peter, his eyes dancing with mischief, "how did your brain storming with Jordan go? Anything I should know?" Peter groaned and hit his friend's shoulder, ducking his head so that Kyle wouldn't see him blush.

"God, Kyle, you're horrible," he complained.

"But you love me anyway!" Kyle teased. "Did you two make out?" Kyle wagged his eyes suggestively, grinning widely at the mortified look on Peter's face.

I will not kill him, even though he does deserve it. Peter thought, shooting his friend a dark look.

Kyle sighed and dropped the conversation with obvious reluctance. "So, how far did you guys get? Kelly and I decided that we're going to recreate the battle. Kelly has a really big family, and tons of cousins who all said that they'd help. And, even better, her father makes short films for our local news channel!"

Peter smiled smugly. "I knew meddling in your personal life so that I could work with Jordan would come in handy. That must be awesome, though, Kyle; I know that you're interested in making movies of your own someday." Kyle nodded, though he was looking at something behind Peter.

Peter turned so that he could see what Kyle was staring at. He whistled and patted Kyle's shoulder. "Staring at Kelly? You've got it bad, man."

Kyle didn't respond, instead he shrugged Peter's hand off of him and stood. "I'm going to go and talk to her." Peter watched as his friend walked away from him, his mind instantly switching to a more interesting subject: Jordan.


"Okay Peter, so just how are you going to get rid of Jordan's girlfriend? You certainly can't do anything here; someone would be liable to tell and ruin your scheme."

Peter shot Kyle an annoyed look. "Don't worry, Kyle, my cousin Brent said that he would help me."

"Brent? You mean Mr. Macho, 'I spend five hours everyday working my ass of at the gym' Brent?" Kyle asked, his voice skeptical.

"Yeah, him. As gorgeous as Jordan may be, there's no way that Tamara could resist Brent. And she doesn't even need to do anything with Brent; she just needs to, I don't know, touch him or something. Jordan will flip out and 'boom', their relationship will be over!"

Kyle looked at Peter doubtfully. "How can you even know that Jordan will dump Tamara? Have you been inside his mind or something? You can't know how Jordan will react to a situation like that."

Peter thought of Jordan's house and the other teen's embarrassment at the way his home looked. Jordan dressed nicely and acted cool because he was trying to paint a different picture of himself; and Peter could tell, just by being with Jordan for a couple of hours that Jordan had serious trust issues. Peter had a pretty good hunch that seeing Tamara flirting with another man would cause Jordan to dump her.

"I know." Peter said confidently.

Kyle sighed and shook his head. "So, what do you want me to do?"

"Wait for Brent outside of school. Call my cell phone when he arrives. I'll be stalling Jordan at my locker, making it seem as if I lost my chemistry book." Peter handed Kyle his book, and continued speaking, ignoring the questioning look his friend gave him. "When Brent comes over to you, walk into the cafeteria where Tamara will be."

"And than what am I supposed to do? Everyone will see me walk in with Brent."

"So what? No one will think anything of it unless you actually talk to him. All you need to do is call me on my cell phone and say that you have my book. Brent will be standing a little ways behind you, listening. Describe to me what Tamara is wearing, and than hang up and walk away. Brent will then know what Tamara looks like, and will walk up to her and proceed to flirt."

Kyle exhaled and shifted uncomfortably. "Okay, I'll do it. It doesn't seem right, but if Tamara truly cares for Jordan, than she'll tell Brent to bug off. But somehow I feel that you're right about both her and Jordan."

Peter just smiled. He was looking forward to the end of school.


Peter cursed as he rummaged through his locker, muttering about how he needed his damned chemistry book. Jordan leaned against the locker beside him, his eyes fixed on his angry form, his face unreadable.

"Oh for God's sake…" Peter mumbled, pounding his fist against his locker in frustration. "If I didn't need to study for a stupid test, we could just leave."

"It's not really that big of a deal." Jordan said, shrugging his shoulders. Peter bit back a groan. Jordan just looked so good, his brown hair ruffled and messy, some strands falling over his left eye, making him look mysterious. And his black pants jangled every time Jordan shifted, the pocket chains hitting the locker, his lip ring glinting in the dim light.

Peter jumped out of his skin when his cell phone rang. Jordan's eyebrow rose inquisitively, though he didn't speak. Peter stood up and brushed off his jeans self-consciously, before he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

"Hello?" Peter asked, even though he had a pretty good idea who it was.

"Hey Peter!" Kyle said. "I forgot to tell you that I have your chemistry book. And can you believe who I'm staring at?"

"Oh, that's great that you have my book, Kyle! You should have told me that you were borrowing it! I've been going out of my mind looking for it." Peter said, slamming his locker door shut. Thankfully Kyle had called him before he had had to take everything out of his locker; thank God for small miracles.

Kyle continued on as if Peter had never spoken. While his friend spoke, Peter slowly picked up his backpack and motioned for Jordan to follow him once Kyle had finished describing Tamara. They had just reached the door when Kyle rushed upstairs and walked over to Peter, trying to act cool, and ignored Jordan entirely.

"Here you go, Peter!" Peter nodded and Kyle turned around and headed back downstairs.

"Are you ready to go?" Peter asked, impatient to go.

"Yeah I guess so." Jordan looked around uncertainly. "I guess I had better go and say goodbye to Tamara." Peter bit his lip to keep from laughing. This was going better than planned.

Peter followed as Jordan walked downstairs, taking two steps at a time. He looked up and down the crowded hallway, still packed with students finishing up after school activities, and finally pushed the cafeteria doors open and walked in, Peter close behind him.

"There she is." Jordan mumbled, and Peter started.

Wait a minute! Peter thought frantically, Jordan doesn't sound angry! Oh God, is Tamara not taking the bait?

"Jordan!" Tamara called, her voice excited. She motioned for her boyfriend to come closer, which Jordan did, wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin against her shoulder. Peter stood back, seething with jealousy. Brent was nowhere to be seen.

"How was your day?" Jordan asked, though he didn't sound interested, but rather like he was just trying to be polite.

Tamara grinned and stepped out of Jordan's arms and twirled around, her hair falling over her shoulders. "You'll never guess what happened to me, Jordan!" Jordan didn't answer; instead he just stared at his girlfriend silently.

Tamara huffed but continued speaking anyway. "There was this guy named Brent that was totally hitting on me!" Peter coughed and looked away. Jordan still didn't speak, though Peter noticed that he was clenching his hands angrily.

"So what did you do? You told him off, right?" Jordan asked, his voice low and dangerous.

Tamara laughed. "Of course I did sweetie!"

Jordan looked at Tamara in disbelief. "Really?"

Tamara frowned, insulted. "Of course I did. I would never cheat on you." Jordan slowly nodded, but he still looked doubtful. "Don't trip over yourself thanking me, you jerk!"

"I've heard about you Tamara, so excuse me if I'm a little skeptical." Jordan said, crossing his arms and fixing his eyes on his girlfriend intently. Peter silently thanked whatever God was listening for lover's spats. This just might be what Jordan needed to get rid of his evil, evil girlfriend.

Tamara bit her lip angrily and ducked her head so that her long hair covered her face. "And just what have you heard?" She asked, her voice dripping with venom.

"Just that you don't know how to keep your hands off any guy that comes your way. I've seen your type before, Tamara, but you were the first one that's ever tempted me into dating her."

"Sure, Jordan, like I really believe that. I should have listened to my friends; they all told me you were a creep! Jordan, we're over!" Tamara screamed, shooting Jordan one of the dirtiest looks Peter had ever seen. Jordan watched Tamara stalk off, seemingly unaffected.

Peter opened his mouth to say something, his insides crawling with guilt. I wanted Tamara out of the way so badly that I forgot about Jordan's feelings. Man, I feel really bad… Jordan turned and looked at Peter, and he must have seen something on his face, because Jordan smiled a beautiful smile that melted Peter's insides.

"Ignore her," Jordan said, and grabbed Peter's arm and dragged him outside. "She wasn't that great anyway."

Peter practically skipped beside Jordan. He felt ecstatic! No more Tamara! And now, finally, after what felt like forever, he could get on with his 'Art of Seduction!'

End of Lesson Four: Eliminate Your Competition

Next Chapter: Lesson Five: Setting the Mood

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