Joy In The Smallest Things

Did you ever notice that sometimes, it doesn't take a miracle to make you happy? Only a simple joke to make you laugh, a kind gesture that warms you inside.

But for me, one of the greatest things... is a review. No matter how much I complain about being a less-known and less-talented author than some of my favourite fanfic/fiction writers, I can't help but smile when I read a new review... It doesn't matter if they had nothing good to say, or even if it was the meanest flame.

The simple fact I realise is that, within their eyes, they found my work important enough to take a moment... review. No matter what they say, the fact that they used even a moment of their lives to review my work is a sign... that it does mean something to them, it means enough for them to review.

And whether my work will make them laugh or cry, the real joy is for me, inside. To know that even one stranger or friend, took the time to review and say a few simple words, or a paragraph, if they feel.

I may complain that my story, my poem, has but one review while his or her's has hundreds or thousands. But the truth is, that every review counts to me, and it doesn't matter how many they have. Those reviews are for them, not meant for me.

I've seen hundreds of stories, and poems, in my life. But never do I stumble across one that is simply about the true writing and reviewing. Until now... woven beneath my fingers, I bring you this poem, though beautiful you may not see it, I see it holds the beauty of a thousand flowers... the power of a thousand words... the thoughts of a thousand authors... the hope of one writer... and the eternal joy of every author and writer in this world, big or small, famous or unknown, and the one thing that brings people from all ends of the earth together in peace... the paintings of language.


That's it! From now on, no more typing, or writing, at 1:30 in the morning. Oh well... hope you liked... please review... must sleep now... good night, all!