Cinderella's Fast Ball

"No way. I'm not going out. This is retarded, no one is going to recognize me with all that shit on my face." Kasey grinned, "Shit? See, most people call it makeup." I groaned, rolling on my side, watching Kasey pull makeup out of her purse. "You can call it whatever you want, but it looks like torture to me." I said, sticking out my bottom lip in a pout. "It's for one party, Danni, then I drop you off to Tomboy Land and you can wash it off and fall straight back into your jerseys."

"Is that a promise?" I asked, looking suspiciously at the growing pile of cosmetics. "Yeah, it's a promise. Wait until I drop you off and the boys see you, as a girl, they're gonna be so confused." Glancing in the mirror, "Confused? They know I'm a girl." Kasey poked me in the stomach as she got up to plug a curling iron in, "Only, because you have boobs." I snorted with laughter, but kept my gaze on the mirror. What would they think?

An hour later, Kasey stepped back, mouth curling up in a happy smile. "You look awesome." I rolled my eyes, "Liar." Kasey pulled on her arm, "Look for yourself." She pulled me up and shoved me to stand in the front of the full- length mirror. "Holy shit." I whispered, what the hell was going on?

It was me, but different. I was wearing a skirt, after twenty minutes of argument with Kasey, short enough to show off my toned legs, tanned from sports outside. I stretched them out. The halter-top Kasey had loaned me, knowing it would match my eyes, clung to the right places. Contrary to what my guy friends though, I did have boobs. The deep blue pulled out the color in my eyes. My hair was twisted and pulled back, auburn curls falling down loosely in the back, brushed out and spritzed with a little glitter.

I leaned in closer, looking at my face fully. Kasey had outlined my eyes with silver eyeliner, and then spread an even coat of shiny blue eye shadow across my eyelid. Cheeks were brushed with a pink blush that complimented my already tan complexion. Lips were shining, slightly pink, mostly just shine. I grinned, "Hey, I look good." Kasey laughed, "Why do you sound so surprised, you could look like this every day if you didn't insist on scrubbing like the guys." I stuck out her tongue, "Shut up, I like being a scrub, but I'm open to change." Kasey started to clap her hands, "Occasionally, for parties, but that's all. Never at school."

Kasey nodded, "Let's hit it." Taking one last look in the mirror, I walked out behind her, working on shaking my hips the way Kasey did.

We walked up to the party, I could already hear the loud music shaking the whole house and from inside I could see a bunch of people dancing. "Kasey." I said, starting to feel unsure about the whole party scene, I mean, most of these kids thought of me as a guy. Some, I wrinkled my nose thinking about Brooke, the head cheerleader, were very vocal about how much she didn't like me. "Danni, there's no way you are getting out of this, you promised." I nodded, silently wanting to shoot myself.

Beer everywhere, I rolled my eyes. "This is disgusting." I muttered under my breath, watching as two guys cleared off a table to arm wrestle. Kasey smiled, obviously hearing me, "This is high school." Brooke showed up from out of nowhere, every little manicured nail done and every little strand of her highlighted hair in place. "Whoa, is that you Danielle?" She asked, her melodic voice nasally. I frowned, "My name is Danni, Brooke." Brooke looked amused, "Oh my god, you actually look semi-decent, did you finally realize you were a girl?" Kasey gave me a look, basically telling me to shut up, but she turned to Brooke. "Brooke, stop being a bitch."

Brooke gave a little offended gasp before we walked away, melting into the crowd. Kasey found someone to dance with, I waved at her, suddenly, hands slid around me. "Hey." Someone whispered in my ear, beer on their breath. I pushed away; turning to see it was one of my cousin's old friends, that had fallen out with the group. "Get your hands off of me, John." I said, completely feeling sick. "Danni?" John asked, confused, "When did you get a body?" He asked, sliding his hands down to grab my butt. I shoved him back hard, he hit the wall pretty hard, before I turned and walked out.

I went to sit outside for the rest of the night, on the patio, watching a football game on a small TV. Kasey found me there, two or three guys followed her, all surprisingly sober. "I heard John messed with you." Kasey said with a weak smile. "No big deal." I said, trying to forget his hands on my butt. She smiled, "Well, these guys like to dance and we can have some fun out here." I smiled and stood, one came over, screw being a tomboy tonight, I thought, let's dance. I slipped into a whirlwind of dancing. The rest of the night flew by.

"Bye, have fun watching the guys die of shock." Kasey said, teasingly as they pulled up on the street. I saw the guys chilling on Shawn's porch, some laughing, one on his cell, two playing ball in the driveway. I smiled, see, here I felt comfortable, as opposed to at that party. "Bye." I slid out of the seat, grabbed the purse, Kasey had let me borrow and clicked out on the street. Heels were actually not that bad, I noted as they clicked on the pavement as I walked towards the guys.

"What's up, Krista?" I heard Dustin call out with a wide smile on his face. They think I'm Krista, hell no; the lighting must be off. I walked closer, his face changed, "Danni?" The other guys turned, jaws dropped. Wow, this was going great so far. "What's up, losers?" I said, voice a little husky from the smoky party. Shawn came around the corner, talking on his cell, obviously to a girl. "All right, babe, bye."

"What the hell?" He looked seriously stunned. "What the hell?" I mimicked, smiling at the other guys. Dustin stood, "You look hot, Danni, damn." He did a silly little booty shake, I grinned, "Oh yeah? Thanks." Shawn looked at me, up and down, the way I had seen him look at other girls he was sweating, I stepped back. "Where were you?" He said, eyes still wandering. "At a party with Kasey." She answered, pulling at her skirt. "Kasey, the blonde with the big tits." I winced, "Yeah, thanks for such an accurate description."

Jacob muffled a laugh; I shot him a look, "You guys are gross, okay? She happens to be my friend and really cool, not just for her tits, for what's in her mind." Steven and Justin whispered something to each other. I rolled my eyes, jerks. "Testosterone is poision." I said, with a smile as my cousin walked outside. "Oh, shit! Look at you!" He said, teasingly, poking me in the side. I twirled a little bit for him to examine. He smiled, "Not too slutty, who did it, Kasey?"

"Yeah, we went to a party." I almost shuddered, remembering that John's hands on my waist; then sliding down to my butt, but I didn't tell my cousin. God, guys were pigs sometimes, but if he knew John had touched me, it would be war. Shawn was still staring at me. "Well, guys, I'm going into change. Be right back." I walked past Jorge and Luis who were playing basketball. "Danni, you look like a girl." Jorge called, a silly smirk across his face. "That's, because I am a girl, loser." Luis whistled, "Man, and here I thought you got a sex change operation to male." I punched him lightly in the shoulder.

Luis and Jorge were the clowns of the group, Luis muscular, while Jorge was simply huge. Both were juniors and protected her like crazy, not that any guys wanted her, but if any ever did they would be there to knock them on their ass. Dustin was the "punk" of the group; he played guitar and rocked out any chance he got. He spiked his hair and hated his parents, pretty normal, but he was also really sweet and wrote poetry. I was the only one he showed; he knew the rest of the guys would laugh.

Jacob was a pervert, well, so were the rest. But Jacob was the perfect womanizer, he convinced girls that he loved them, got what he wanted and left. It was sick, I was always pissed off, because of his stupid player games, but he ignored me. He was always up to do something crazy and while he didn't give a shit about being there for his hoes, he cared about his friends, he was loyal to his boys. Steven and Justin were twins. Steven was a mad boxer who rapped on the side, even did battles downtown while Justin was the quarter back of the football team and had a little band thing going with Dustin.

So that's two punks, one who's a quarterback, one boxer/rapper, two clowns who acted like bouncers towards me. Moving on, my cousin, Chase, boxed with Steven, and acted like his manager when it came to the rapping. It's not like either of them knew what they were doing, but it was fun for them to pretend. So add one more boxer to the list, but also note family relation. Then, came Shawn. He was the most confusing person I knew.

He was a player. He never really cheated on girls, because he never committed. He had cheerleaders hanging all over him, because he was on the football team, too and had the typical California beach boy thing going for him. He smiled and made girls swoon. He listened to rap, so he chilled mostly with Chase, Steven and the two clowns. The others, Justin, Jacob (for some weird reason, like punk music, even though all the rappers were talking bout players) and Dustin hung out messing with their music.

They were all really friends. I was friends with everyone, probably closet with my cousin and the clowns, in the brotherly sense, and for everything else.the rest were just friends. The only time I'd ever felt a slight attraction was towards Shawn. And to be honest, it scared the shit out of me. Chase knew the way I felt, I had a teeny little crush on Shawn, but I had sworn him to secrecy, big time. They all saw me as a guy, well, up until tonight.

I walked past Jorge and Luis, into the house. Shawn followed me. My aunt was so used to all the guys, she didn't even pay attention to who was there anymore, just did a quick head count and made chicken nuggets, fish sticks or pizza rolls accordingly. I walked into my bedroom and started to pull jeans and a t-shirt out. "Hey." Shawn said. I turned, I hadn't even seen him coming in. "Hey."

"You look really different." He stated. I looked at him, okay? What the fuck was he getting at? "Okay?" I shrugged. "I mean, you look good and I'm not used to.well, can I ask you something?" He mumbled, stepping closer. Oh shit. "Sure." My mouth suddenly was really dry. "I mean, do you really think you should be wearing shit like that?"

"Excuse me?" I was completely shocked. What the fuck? "Um.shit like this?" I looked down, "You said I looked good." He nodded. "Yeah, but that's the problem. I can't think that you look good, because you've always been like another one of the guys and if I see you like that.then I start to." He was mumbling again. "Start to what?" He looked down, cheeks reddening, "I get thinking about stuff I shouldn't think about a friend. I mean, you were always okay before, but I never saw your body beneath." He motioned towards the clothes I had in my hand.

"Why's it bad that I have a good body?" I asked, still not understanding. "Um.because when I saw you out there, I wanted to kiss you, to hold you and that's bad." Holy shit, he wanted to kiss me! "Bad." I repeated the word, not knowing what else to say. I wasn't prepared for this shit, I was always one of the guys, maybe this was bad. "So, as long as you don't you know, do this again, we can be cool." Do what again, wear sexy clothes and feel pretty? "This is retarded. Ha, funny, now get out."

"Funny?" He asked. "You've got to be kidding and while I appreciate you trying to humiliate me, I need to get dressed." He ran his fingers through his hair, "I'm not kidding. Chase told me." I stopped dead. "Chase told you I had a crush on you?" I rushed on, before the words could stop. "You what?" He asked, looking at me like I had sprouted an alien head. "Wait, what did Chase tell you?" Shawn shrugged, "That you weren't just a guy, that you liked getting girly and shit sometimes, but you have a crush on me?"

"Um, no." I said. "No? But you just said that you did." He stated, looking at my face. "Get out." I said pushing him away, out the door and slamming it shut. I pulled off the stupid halter-top and threw it against the wall, pissed. Kasey should never have let me near anything remotely sexy, see what I do with it, ruin it. I am such an idiot, I just told him I had a slight crush on him and now he thinks I'm some psycho guy girl with a killer body. The killer body part is pretty cool.hmm, but the rest, sucks! I slipped off my skirt and pulled on a pair of hip hugging sweats, I changed into a sports bra and fell onto my bed exhausted.

Suddenly, Shawn burst in. "Listen." I shot straight up, aware that I was standing in a bra in front of him. "What?" I said, hands going to my hips, wow, I was turning into a girl. "I wasn't kidding before when I said all that, you looked hot, look hot." I crossed my arms over my chest, cursing boobs to the bowels of Hell. "I had no clue that you fucking had feelings for me, but damn. I mean, I don't know what to say. I want to like kiss you, but you know if we kiss, the whole group's going to break down."

"Break down? God, Shawn, they're big boys." He nodded, "Yeah, they are. I don't know. It's just I've never thought of you like that before now and damn, I mean you're pretty, but I never knew." I held my hand up to stop him. "You know what, Shawn? Go out there to the guys and forget what happened. Thanks for thinking, I'm hot, but being a dude to you is a lot better than being some piece of ass, which right now you're making me feel like. So, I'll be out in a little bit."

"You are more than just a dude, though." He said, softly. "Ever since you discovered I had big tits, Shawn, I hang out with mostly all guys I know you are horny freaking all the time." He smiled briefly; "Yeah, but I know you as a person, too. I know what's in your mind." I nodded sarcastically, "Only because I'm loud enough to tell you. Seriously, you didn't consider me a potential for a girlfriend or a fling, until you saw me in some skimpy party outfit and some makeup. There's a lot more to me than that, there's my other side, and you obviously don't find me sexy when I'm in sweats and a jersey kicking your ass in basketball or football. Now, please get out of my room so I can get finished changing."

He barely moved. He made a little step towards me, "No." I said. I shoved him out the door, slamming it shut and locking it. The mirror stared back at sports bra, sweats, makeup, hair, a pissed expression on my face. "Just because I have a vagina and boobs, I swear to God." Kasey called my cell, I snapped it open, saying the first thing that came into my mind, which was "Testosterone is a fucking poison."