Kasey's POV

"So, how's life been treating you?" He asked, looking over at me with a smile on his face.

I smiled back, pleased that he was actually taking an interest. It's just polite conversation, don't read too much into it, I thought, before answering. "Pretty good. How about you? How are the ladies?"

He looked confused by the question, "There's only one that I really want."

Great, I thought bitterly, here I'd gotten all dressed up to come see him and he's talking to me about another girl....perfect, Kasey, way to be retarded! "So, who's the lucky girl?"

"Just a girl." He said, shrugging. I turned before I could notice the red rising in his cheeks.

"Well, she must be pretty great."

"Oh, she is." I heard him sigh as I started scrubbing the next plate with a little too much force. He sounded so serious...about her...about another girl. Damn.

Chase's POV

"So, how's life been treating you?" I asked, after trying to think of a conversation starter for almost five minutes that was the best that I could come up with. She smiled back at me, though. God, she was cute when she smiled like that.

"Pretty good. How about you? How are the ladies?"

Ladies? Right now, I could only think about one and she was up to her elbows in dishwater with pieces of hair falling out of her ponytail, framing her face. "There's only one that I really want." I answered, honestly. Only one and she's you...

"So, who's the lucky girl?" Her tone was still light, but she looked a little tense. Must be my imagination.

"Just a girl." I shrugged, not ready to admit who the girl was.

She picked up another plate and started scrubbing away. "Well, she must be pretty great." She threw over her shoulder.

I smiled, watching as she cleaned the third plate, shifting back and forth on her little feet impatiently. She was beautiful, I realized, just as I realized it had been quiet for almost a minute. "Oh, she is.How about you, Kase, any boys?" I asked, not even expecting the answer I got.

"Yeah, there's one." She said, sighing a little bit, her shoulders falling. I frowned at that.

"What was that sigh for?" I asked, moving beside her and starting to dry the plates she had already finished. She smiled at me gratefully.

"He doesn't really see me the way I want him to." She bit her bottom lip, looking out the kitchen window with a lost look on her face.

"How does he see you then?"

Kasey's POV

I don't know, how do you see me? I wondered, breaking my stare away from the window and looking back down to where I was washing dishes. "I have no idea. But he's gorgeous. He really is."

I broke off before listing all his attributes, I'm sure he would catch on after I mentioned the blue eyes, the amazing smile, the killer body...well, maybe not, but my cheeks were already turning an interesting shade of pink. I could feel them burning. Was he looking at me?

I turned to see him studying my face.

"Gorgeous, huh?" He asked.

Great, now he thinks I'm insane. But I nodded, "Yeah, he's gorgeous. And really funny and nice."

"Sounds like a great guy, maybe, I should meet him."

Maybe, you are him."Maybe."

Chase's POV

Like I really wanted to meet the guy, beating his face into the ground sounded more appealing, but I doubted Kasey would appreciate me decking the dream boy. I finished drying the last dish, amazed that it had gone that fast.

"What?" She said, noticing the expression of disbelief on my face.

"We're done."

"We're? I'm done. You dried like two." She teased with a grin painted across her face. My stomach flipped as she swatted my arm with the drying towel.

"Ow." I pouted, pretending it had hurt.

Her eyes narrowed, "Ow? And here, I thought you were this tough guy. Guess I was wrong..." She trailed off as I splashed the first bit of soapy water at her.

"Wanna fight?" I laughed, puffing out my chest as she sputtered and finally looked at me with a murderous gleam in her eye.

"Punk!" She squealed before pushing her hand down into the water and flicking it all over me. A couple of bubbles floated around her head as she turned, preparing to run.

Kasey's POV

I watched as some soap slid down his cheek, trying to ignore how wonderful he looked covered in suds. He grinned, suddenly, grabbing a cup off of the counter and filling it. "DON'T YOU DARE!" I called before I felt the water go sailing over my head, drenching my hair and my t-shirt. I painted on a horrified expression, knowing exactly what to do.

It worked, his face went from amusement to concern. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?" He questioned, looking from my damp hair to the droplets of water on my shoulders and then back to my wide eyes.

"I can't believe you..." I trailed off.

He came closer, holding out his arms in a slight truce and I grinned, stepping in to take my prize. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled close to him and enjoyed the feel of his body next to mine. One...two...three....and now, he's soaking wet, too, I thought with a delighted laugh.

"I can't believe you fell for that damsel in distress shit. Cute, but dumb..." I giggled.

Chase's POV

"I'm sorry. Are you okay?" I could screw up any situation, here we were having fun and laughing and I had to go and dump a whole cupful on her head. And she looked close to tears. Could she really be that sad over some ruined curls and makeup? Probably....

"I can't believe you..." She trailed off and I bit my bottom lip. Shit, maybe, she really was.

I held out my arms, thinking of something to do as I walked a little closer, trying to think if we had any clean towels. The laundry still needed to be done.

And then, suddenly, her arms went around my neck and she was in my arms. She smelled like strawberries and baby powder, her hair wet and cold against my cheek and she was shaking. Was she that cold? And then, I heard her laughing.

"I can't believe you fell for that damsel in distress shit. Cute, but dumb..." I heard her choking out. I pulled back. She was laughing.

I looked down at my shirt. Completely soaked. I looked up and burst out laughing.

"You little..."

"Goddess?" She asked, fighting back giggles, "Genius?"

Gorgeous...I added silently. "Punk."

"No, you're a punk. I'm a punkita."

"Punkita?" I asked, wrinkling my nose and wondering why it had taken this long to start hanging out with her.

She shrugged, "I don't know. I have a B in Spanish."

Kasey's POV

"I have a B in Spanish." I offered. Yo quiero your body...I thought, looking at the way the muscle shirt clung to those washboard abs. I'd always thought that expression was dumb, until I saw Chase. Because he honestly did have washboard abs. And they were absolutely...was he saying something? Shit, no more daydreaming!

"Well, my punkita, what are we going to do about this mess?" He asked, looking down at the soapy puddles that were scattered around the kitchen floor.

I smiled, my punkita, how cute! "Watch." I said, grabbing a dry towel and throwing it to the floor. I stepped on it and started scooting around, cleaning up the water with a soapy trail as I went. He grabbed another one and followed behind me drying the floor. Soon, we were both laughing. Why did I tell Joey I hated to clean? This was the most fun I'd had in a long time....