Dear Sir Eric,

On behalf of the colony, the settlers here are in need of more supplies. We all know that you are probably wondering why you should or could help us. Well their reasons are simple, if you don't help them they'll die and nothing successful comes from dieing, there will be a manor house waiting for your use and they stated you were the best person to ask this of.

You and your company wish the settlers to succeed and bring you more profits but if you do not send them what it is they wish for they'll die and no profits can be made from dead bodies everywhere doing nothing but collecting fly and rodents. All they ask for is a few more blankets to keep warm during the long winter nights. The next item is 10 or 20 guns to protect the crops from the wild creatures that roam about this fairly new land. The entire group here would also like the basic hygiene supplies, mainly soap. They're trying to find other means of keeping clean, but regrettably, all attempts have failed. Most of which the people here are getting frustrated in how they smell and are not doing your work looking for gold and other valuable materials.

In return for your support the entire group here is willing to build you your own manor house here on the plantation. From what others have been telling me the weather can get very nice here. And when it gets cold in England you could come here and spend the winter here, if you wish, my Lord. But everyone is also sure that you have those times of the year when you wish to go somewhere other then dear old England. Besides all of us including myself believe you would love it here if only you gave it a chance. And if you did give it that I'm positive you would want healthy settlers to greet you.

In order to help everyone out I'd say you were the best person in England to do this because you have so much authority in Britain, plus I remember you still owe me a favor. If I remember correctly I helped you out with regent matters a few month before everyone rushed to this new world to claim land. But that has nothing to do with why I believe you of all people could help. No. All the others and I want your help, well because out of everyone in that company you are the most compassionate man there. So, everyone here men, women, children ask for your support sir.

After reading this us as a whole implore you to search your heart and fine you could spear a few small items for our success. Just remember here nothing can be completed when people die. We will pay you back for your kindness even if you do or do not contribute this as a favor. You are the best man to help us, my Lord.

Sincerely yours,
Aaron B. Hampton