By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Sunday,November the 23th,when City of Cleveland cab driver Ronald Potter had recieved a really unusual fare--one that should only be a part of stories of magic and fantasy.

At 7:15 AM,Ron had spotted a beautiful young woman hailing for a cab at one of the corners of Public Square.

After he had pulled up next to her,Ron had rolled down the passager's side window and asked,"Excuse me,Ma'am.Do you want to go somewhere?"

"As a matter of fact,yes.",answered the beautiful stranger."I would like to go to the Ravencraft Building on Euclid Avenue."

And after she had gotten into the cab,Ron had drove all the way over to the Ravencraft Building,which had looked more like something out of a H.P. Lovecraft novel.

And after she had stepped out of the cab and took a couple of steps towards the building's front door,the beautiful stranger had turned around,walked back towards the cab and asked,"Would you join me inside for a drink or two?"

And then,after he had thought about it for a minute or two,Ron had took a deep breath and answered,"Since I'll be with a beautiful lady like you,I don't see why not."

After he had gotten out of the cab and walked into the building with her,Ron had smacked himself on the head and said,"I'm suppossed to park the cab in a garage somewhere."

"Oh,you don't have to worry about that.",said the beautiful stranger."The doorman will send one of his assistants out to park it for you."

Then,after he had let out a sigh of relief,Ron had followed the stranger into an elevator,where she pressed one of the buttons,which had caused the elevator to go up to one of the top floors.

And after they both had stepped out of the elevator,both Ron and the stranger had walked towards one of the doors in the hallway--the only door that was simply marked 'The Chamber'.

"May I ask what's behind that door?",asked a confused Ron.

"Quite simple,Ronald Potter.",answered the smiling female stranger."Behind this door is a world where we really belong."

And before Ron was about to ask the beautiful stranger what she was talking about,she had placed her hand on the door and it had opened by itself.

And what Ron saw after the door had opened was something that had caused his blood to run cold--a large red dragon with a hungry look in its eyes.

And after she had walked over to the dragon and wrapped her arms around its head,the stranger had moved her lips to the dragon's ear and said,"Look,Darling.I've brought a new body for you."

Then,just as the dragon was about to move towards him,Ron had turned towards the exit,only to discover that the door had closed behind him.

And as the dragon was about to move his gleaming red eyes closer to him,the only thing Ron had to do was open his mouth and scream bloody murder.

Sometime later,after both Ron and the beautiful stranger had walked out of the Ravencraft Building,stood in front of the building and looked at each other for a minute or two,they both had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,the beautiful stranger had looked at Ron,let out a smile and said,"Now that you're human once again,my darling Xamot,I love you more and more."

"Just as much as I love you,Zarana.",said an also-smiling Xamot."Just as much as I love you."

Of course,the only one who didn't have a happy ending was Ron,who had no other choice,but to be trapped in the form of the red dragon forever.