Life By: Kittyshina15

Life can be a drag sometimes, you know-
Never knowing which way the wind will blow one day-
If the day is a good one or a bad one-
Trying to wake up on the right side of the bed each morning-

Then you've got school, ah yes, the beloved education system-
With crowded halls, noisy people, mean teachers-
Giving homework, then a test the next day-

Then you've those friends that sometimes get on your nerves because you
just cant figure out what's gong on in their heads-
Then they bring your good mood down or your bad mood even farther down-
Then you've got the friends with the sweet, kind, boy friends that talk to
you like a friend (that's not so bad though.)-
But the jealousy strikes a homerun-

Then you've got your own relationship problems- still having feelings for
your ex that you just broke up with 5 months ago-
Afraid that if by some very odd chance that you get back together your
friend will frown upon you-

But then there's the part when your parents find out you haven't been doing
your homework and you started the year out so well-
But why am I complaining- it's not like this kind of stuff ever happens to
me. ( such a lie (

But what if it was one of those good days-
You passed a test that you thought you failed-
You actually participated in a class lesson-
You friends asked you on relationship advice because you've been past the
point they are starting-

Feeling loved, and accepted by all you meet-
No one bring your good mood down-
Feeling you might be getting closer to those goals that you've been
dreaming and reaching for-
Your getting closer to place that you imagine you'll be-
With the guy you've always wanted-
And the friends that are there for you for everything-
The loved family members in no arguments-
Nothing that could simply go wrong-

Scratch that! Something always happens to change everything. And that's
Life for you.