Human adj of man; relating to, characteristic of, man's nature humane adj
kind; merciful humanism n belief in human effort rather than religion
humanitarian n philanthropist ~adj

Person n individual (human) being; body of human being;

Personality n distinctive character

Persona n (pl -nae) someone's personality as presented to others

Petty unimportant, small-minded

Soul n spiritual and immortal part of human being; person; sensitivity


Human fleshy, manlike, mortal

Person being, body, human, individual, soul

Personality character, disposition, make-up, nature, temperament

Perspective angle, attitude, context, outlook, way of looking

Define 'human being'

Human adj of man; relating to, characteristic of, man's nature, fleshy,
manlike, mortal
Being n existence; that which exists; creature

Equals: Man/women of existence

You were, you are, you will be = Human Being:

You are alive,
You can touch- feel,
Smell- sniff,
See- observe,
Hear- perceive sound,
Taste- flavour
-The Five Senses


You are something wonderful, but yet dangerous.
You can create life, and destroy it.
You can be powerful, or weak.
You can love or hate.
You can feed or starve.
We can decide wether to kill or let live.
We create wars, to teach.
And we teach to avoid wars.
We create the impossible, and put down the possible.
We are racist.
We hurt, make tears.
We look after the sick, and but forget fast when they die.
We shut away alien humans,
And despise differences.
We are human, our perspective is trivial.
We don't care if it doesn't involve us.
Yet we eavesdrop.
We know all,
Yet make so many mistakes.
We care so much,
Yet hurt thousands.
We love our family,
Yet shut them out.
We can't live without friends,
So we commit suicide when their there for us.
We can't love,
But can't stop loving.
We don't want to hate,
But it's all we ever do.
We swear to make the most out of life,
Then we invent television.
We see a flower so beautiful,
Then turn it into science.
You do things as a child,
And refuse to let your children do the same.
We say there's a reason,
And don't give it.
We go into depression,
But don't look for help.
We want what we don't have,
And what we have is what we once wanted.
We need to feel loved,
But we already are.
Life to us is worth little,
But we couldn't live without it,
Although we destroy,
And create evil.
We also do care,
And try our best to make our lives worth living.
But first we need to realise,
We are all unique,
We are all different,
But not so much that we can't ask for help.
If only we didn't think so highly of our selves.
If only we did what we wanted to do when we had the chance to do it.
Then I wouldn't be writing this,
I wouldn't have to write all our faults, and struggle with our strengths.
I wouldn't have to go to sleep crying every night because of what someone
promised me.
If only there was no such thing as sadness,
And we cried because we were happy,
If only we had a reason to live,
If only we could find it,
If only all human where like the children,
Who know so little, yet are content.
If only,
If only,
If only,
If only we didn't have to think 'if only'.


Date: 24/November/2003