The fire within me

Is burning constantly

Driving me crazy

And also hurting me

I must fight against the humanity

To contain a bit of sanity

Forced to fight for my life

Death always at each corner of my life

Death as concernered me

His fire burned me

The fight isn,t finish

As I transformed into a Phoenix

The Fire still within me

Forced to fight him

Forced to beat him

So again I can be me

Transform into the Firebird

That the sentence I heard

The Phoenix inside of me

Could possibly kill me

The powers I now possess

Are greaters that the one of the Death

I must contain myself

Or I'll kill myself

To hell with life

I call upon the Phoenix

Consume Myself!

And beat the DEATH!


OAO: This is how i felt recently, fight for my life or the death will beat me, even if I must kill myself I will notl et her have me, but if I kill myself she iwn so that why I call for the bird of Fire, the Phoenix = the hope.