IA/N: Hi!! I wrote this a while back, on the computer. I sent it to just
about all of my friends. I was tired of being forgotten about and being
told that my feelings did not matter. So in solution to all of that, I
wrote this poem. It's probably the longest one I've written. I hope you
like it. And just to let you know, this one is a bit mean.. For what some
people say.I

I can run away and be gone from the world and then come back
I can slap you across the face and then do it again
I can yell and scream at the world for doing so much damage
I can tell you I hate you but then tell you I love you
I do all this because I can

I won't listen when you call my name
I won't say 'Thank You' for a gift you gave me trying to win my affection
I won't walk away from friends when I know we're having fun
I won't ignore my friends when they are in need
I do all this because I can

I won't be happy because you want it
I won't be angry because you'll have it
I won't say I love you when deep down I despise you
I won't yell at you because I can save my voice for someone who matters
I do all this because I can

I'll send you stupid e-mails
I'll send you useless information that you don't need
I'll send you black mail
I'll send you love letters
I'll send you whatever the hell I feel like
I'll do all this because I can

I'll hate you forever
I'll thank the Lord when you die
I'll kiss your tombstone and say good-bye
I'll go to your wedding
I'll go to your funeral
I'll do all this because I can
I know you don't like me
I know you can't stand me
I know deep down you wish you could save me
I know you would rather leave me alone
I know you would leave me on an island
You'd do all this because you can
I know you'll delete this
I know you'll throw it away
I know you'll read it
And send it to your friends
But this is not al little chain letter
My feelings are going out to the world
I know you hate, love, and wish I were gone
But right now, here are my feelings
I write them down as they are
Hoping you get the message
If you don't, I don't care
Cause like I said before
My feelings are going out to the world
You don't care how I feel
You don't care when I'm down
You don't care when I'm up
You don't care at all
You do all this because you can
The point of this letter, is better left unknown
I write it with all I know
These feelings have been locked up deep inside
They are not all toward the same people
Only a few people go to certain ones
I don't expect a reply
Better yet, I don't think I want one
I took enough time to write down my thoughts
And share them with those I know
Don't take everything offensive
I only write what I know
I do all this because I damn well can.
center Il nome che tiene nella vita,
centerCatania Elisabeth Aleviena Amava