AN: Well here you go, a poem that is pure angst and related to me. I would
like to state that this poem was written because of a time period I went
through. Only one person knows what happened, and I had planned to keep it
that way.until now. If my friends are reading this, please forgive me for
not telling you. I just wanted to appear the happy-go-lucky girl you always
thought I was. (Also, note that I didn't "cut" myself as much as the poem
suggests. I cut myself with more then mere blade.)

Spin Spin Spin
Topple over.
Fall Fall Fall
Body throbs
Ache Ache Ache
Blade to my leg
Cut Cut Cut
No stopping
Slice Slice Slice
Wait no, please.
Coward Coward Coward
Cant, won't do
Cry Cry Cry
Make it stop, please.
Anger Anger Anger
No more, I failed.
Sleep Sleep Sleep.