In ancient lands formed long ago

There lived a dragon, fair in sight

Who flew with shining silver scales

Over earth In bright moonlight

Falador his name was sung

And with the faeries he did dwell

Feasting on their joyous fruits

Speaking tales no man could tell

A faerie did his love go to

Llye was her for whom he mourned

Her beauty far surpassing all

and without her his heart was torn

Treasures fair he'd bring young Llye,

He sought them all across the land

But when the dragon-born returned

She had given up her hand.

A prince's queen the faerie was

The dragon's soul that day did die

He looked once more upon her face

And diamond tears fell from his eye

The dragon spread his silver wings

And flew off into shining moon

Toward the stars he sailed that night

Songs of sadness did he croon.

Exists the dragon-blood still now

Painting pictures in the sky

With the stars each shining bright

The stars that he himself did cry.