This poem holds something significant to me. I, however, do not have a child. Some of it doesn't rhyme and some does because this is my first poem. I don't care about reviews: you don't have to review.

Always Did, Always Would.

Words of a broken girl,

Heard only inside her head.

The words screaming in a whirl,

Never able to be heard while in her bed.

Instead she lies in her bed,

Just like all little girls should.

While hoping that he would not come,

He always did, he always would.

"Why are you bad?" He always said,

Right before hitting her over the head.

As he leaves, she cries for him to leave her alone,

He never did, he never would.

"Leave her alone!" she would hear her mother shout,

"She's just like you," he would reply, "always running about."

He would take his fist and hit her too,

Then he would leave, always on cue.

In the morning he would come home,

And call her mother at work on the phone.

He would ask her to come back and she would cry,

Always asking, "Why should I?"

Her mother always came back, though in fear,

Afraid of what he would do to her daughter if she was not near.

Closing her daughter's door she asked "Has he hurt you my dear? Anywhere at all?"

The girl would flinch and show a bruise, saying she had nothing but a fall.

"We will not take this anymore," her mother whispered one night,

"We cannot and will not live in fright."

She took her girl and left in her car,

Telling her daughter the place they were going was not far.

Now the girl was a young mother of a boy,

Not broken but often used by men as a toy.

She was not alone anymore,

For she was in love with the father of the child she had bore.

He would comfort her and their son,

Showing them how to have fun.

He showed great love as a father should,

He always did, he always would.