Chapter 1:

The crowd cheered as Deviance (pronounced as Dev-yans) struck the opening cord on her electronic guitar for the next song. She was a bit tired from screaming her lungs out from the past 7 songs of rock music, but the screams and cheers of the crowd seemed to energize her. She could feel them worship her; love her, long for another song sung by her. She drank a bit from her water bottle then signaled the drummer for the next song.

"I longed for you, I worshipped you at your feet, come to me my rock star." She screamed into the microphone once more. The crowd danced to the beat. Her eyes swept over the sea of dancing and jumping bodies. But then, they stopped at a certain girl who seemed to poke out from the rest. A hood covered her head; her long black hair shielded her face from others. All of a sudden, the girl looked up at her and made eye contact.

"I tried so hard to please you, to win you, to get you back, come to me my rock star." She sang to the crowd, although her eyes were still focused on the girl.

No, it couldn't be. The girl was a ghastly copy of someone she knew. Someone she used to know. Someone who already died.

"I'll do anything. I'll give you my treasures, my life, my soul, my everything-" Deviance's voice cracked a note as she realized this. The audience seemed to feel her alarm, or at least notice that she stopped singing and yelling. They stopped dancing and her band stopped playing. She stared in horror at the girl, whose deep blue eyes seemed to stare back. Her pale white skin gave her the look of someone who was dead.

For a while, everyone was silent. But then, the girl's mouth formed a smirk and mouthed something. Deviance couldn't process it through her mind at that moment she was in shock. All of a sudden the lights started to blink, and the girl came closer. Everyone seemed to make a path for her, even though most of the audience was panicking. Deviance was in panic too. Each time the light blinked the girl was closer to her. She couldn't move. Her feet were frozen to the stage. Finally, when the girl came close enough to see Deviance face to face, they stared once more in each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

Then the lights went back to normal and the girl disappeared, just as suddenly as she appeared. The audience began to calm down as the guards assured them the place wasn't haunted or cursed and that it was only a maintenance problem, but now it's fixed. But no matter what the guards would say, nothing can calm Deviance down. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would burst out of her chest.

She ran into backstage and went straight immediately to her dressing room. The audience complained of course and started chanting "Deviance! Deviance!" But she didn't care anymore. She kept on telling herself it was nothing, but no matter how much she told herself that, her heart and mind agreed secretly: It was real.

Unknown to Deviance, as she ran to her dressing room, someone was watching her. And the watcher whispered into the air "Someday, you will be mine rock star. You will be mine."

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