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Chapter 9:

Shane stopped as he saw Max get off his motorcycle. He quickly hid in a nearby alley, just in case Max would spot him. He silently called the police.

Max looked around. He felt someone was following him. He looked behind his back as he opened the door to his apartment. No one there. He shrugged and went inside.

"I'm home." He hollered. No response. He went into Deviance's room. She was sitting on the floor. Her head was bowed down and she was huddled up beside the bed. "Dev?" He approached her slowly. "Dev, are you okay?" He kneeled down and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

All of a sudden, Deviance sprang up and pulled out a knife. "Murderer!" She tried to stab him, but he held her hand in a tight grip. "Drop the knife." He commanded her. Deviance had no choice but to do it. She dropped the knife.

Max noticed the chains on her feet were gone. "How did you get out?" He asked as he picked up the chains on the floor. Deviance kept silent. "Answer me." He told her in a deadly tone while squeezing her hand. Finally when she couldn't take the pain anymore she answered. "I pick locked. Now let me go!"

Max grabbed her by the shoulders forcefully. "Never do that again!" He yelled at her as he shook her. "Or else this knife will be sticking out of your chest before you can even bat your pretty little eyelashes!" He waved the knife in front of her threateningly.

Deviance looked at him in fright. The man was a lunatic! She tried to break free of his grip, but he only made it tighter. "Let me go! I want to go home!" She cried. "I want to go home!" "Shut up!" Max told her angrily, but she only cried louder.

Meanwhile, Shane heard her cries from outside. "Damn it! Where are the police when you need them?!" He thought. "I can't wait for them. Dev needs me!" He then quickly barged into Max's apartment. He caught him hitting Deviance. "I said shut up!" Max yelled at her, but she still kept on sobbing.

"Max, stop it!" Shane warned him. "Release her." Max released Deviance. She fell to the floor and huddled up in the corner.

"What a pleasant surprise for you to drop by, Shane." Max told him in a fake warm tone.

"I'm taking Dev home." He told him directly.

"And why should I let you do that?" Max raised an eyebrow.

His answer was a gun aimed at him. "Let her go." Shane told him in a deadly tone. Max stood stiffly, staring at the gun. Deviance stared at both of them. She looked at Max suspiciously before standing up and heading towards Shane. "I'm finally going home." She thought and smiled.

Suddenly, Max grabbed Deviance. "If she can't be mine, she belongs to no one!" He aimed a gun at her head. Deviance began to sweat nervously.

"Max, drop the gun." Shane told him slowly.

"You put yours down first." Max waited for Shane to do it. Shane hesitated for a little while, but when he looked at Deviance, he placed it on the floor right away. "Now slide it across to me." Max commanded him.

"Okay, but you have to release, Dev. Deal?" Shane looked at him. He thought for a while and nodded. "Shane, no! He's tricking you." Deviance warned him. Shane slid the gun across. Max kicked it to the back.

"You fool! You know I'll never let Dev go. She's mine and I won't let you take her." Max laughed as he aimed the gun at Shane instead. He pulled the trigger but Shane dove out of the way. Suddenly, He yanked out a pistol from his jacket and shot Max in the chest. He looked at him, shocked for a moment, his grip loosened. Deviance tore away from him and ran for the gun. She shot Max. Max fell on the floor. His blood began to spread.

Shane wiped the sweat from his brow. "Come on Dev, I'll take you home." He smiled warmly at her. She beamed. The police arrived at the moment. When they saw the bloody body still breathing, they immediately called the paramedics. Shane left with Deviance as soon as they explained what happened to the police officer.


"Free! That's what I am. After years of being chained to the bloody wall of slavery. You set me free!" Deviance sang. It was a new song she composed yesterday. The audience seemed to like it. She scanned through the crowd. Shane was there cheering and clapping for her. She smiled as she ended the song. " I'm free at last."

The host of the MTV awards started yakking about her performance and stuff like that. The audience started chanting, "We want more!" or something like that. She didn't really hear. She was busy staring at a girl. She had a sort of glow around her. Her sapphire-blue eyes sparkled with joy. Her long black hair was tied in twin pigtails, just like they used to be. "Thanks. For setting me free." A familiar voice whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, the girl disappeared. But the whisper still lingered in her ears. Deviance's eyes filled with tears. A tear went down her cheek. "We want more! We want more!" The audience chanted. Deviance signaled to her band. She started to sing her new song "Free" once more.

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