Licking Old Wounds

What is love?
Does it always involve a dove?
Love is not what it seems to be;
Appearing as a peaceful tree.
Love is a torrent of emotion;
Needing all or no devotion.

But what is love?
Is it always push and shove?
I don't understand this feeling.
Why is my mind reeling?
Why am I left crying on my knees?
Somebody tell me, please!

A sudden song strikes me in my weakness;
"The First Cut is the Deepest."
The words are so true;
Told from a different point of view.
What is the missing piece?
Please, my soul longs for peace!

"I would have given you all of my heart,
But there's someone who's torn it apart."
The carefully concealed tears break free.
The song unlocks my soul like a key.
Why is my body shaken?
Why are all my words taken?

Sudden clarity enters my mind,
Revealing all the thoughts that bind.
The song tells a very popular story;
Beginning beautiful but ending gory.
The story is about the first time;
A love worthy of being called lime.

My story resembles the song,
In that I search for where I belong.
The first love left me broken,
Leaving me with a single token.
Anger was all he cared to leave,
Showing me a new way to grieve.

But as soon as I heard the soothing words,
Peace returned as did the beautiful birds.
The first love hurts the most,
Lingering like a needy ghost.
It will be difficult to pass this test,
But I must to gain true rest.

I now know what needs to be done.
It's about time this war is won.
Hope is in looking to the future,
And forgetting what it means to be a moocher.
I fly freely now, remembering my saving grace.
No matter what happens, I will not forget my new face.