My Prince at Last

Got to figure it out
It's so confusing
Life is what keeps us all alive
But everything's changed
It's so cold out here
Standing in the rain
Tryin to figure out this life
Maybe I'm just going crazy
But I think we've met before
Why do I know you?
I've never been here
Never seen this place
Never seen your face
You're the prince
In my dreams
You're my prince
And I love you already
My dreams tell me everything
And they're telling me it's you
You're my one true love
And I found you
I've loved before this
But never like this
I love you my prince
And I've always loved you
We've met before in my dreams
Meet me tonight
I'll be there
Waiting there, locked in a tower
Awaiting my rescuer
This time you'll come for me
You'll sweep me off my feet on a tall white horse
And we'll ride into the sunset together
I have my prince
My prince at last
At last.