Alex Simon
Dr. James
ENG. 2800
Ass. 2

Dramatis Personae:
A GUY - 20s-40s, dirty, disheveled, not the sharpest tool in the shed.


SETTING: Opens up with a lone man standing on a darkened stage. Wearing dirty overalls, hands covered with dirt. A shovel is resting by his feet. A sack is slung over his shoulder.

GUY: I'm sorry. I messed up; I always do. I always wind up hurting the ones I love the

most. That's why Mama said I can't have no pets no more. 'Cause I always wind up

hurtin' them. She says I'm not gentle with the animals, they way you're supposed to

be. I always wind up messin' things up. I didn't mean to kill the puppy. I was just

holdin' him in my hands, and I wanted to hug him and love him, and I didn't realize

I was squeezin' the life out of him 'til Mama grabbed me by the arms and pried them

apart. (Shifts sack to his other shoulder. The sack is quite heavy, and uncomfortable.)

And then it was too late, 'cause the puppy wasn't movin' no more. He was dead.

And I'd killed him. (A sigh.) Everything I've ever loved always winds up

leavin' me. Daddy left me, the puppy... (Sighs.) And soon, Mama's gonna leave

me too, 'cause that's what happens to people 'round me. They're always up and dyin'

on me. And I got no one left to take care of me. (Sighs again, rubs the dirty

palms of his hands on his filthy overalls.
) S'like there's a curse followin'

me 'round or somethin'. Ain't nobody safe 'round me, I reckon. Mama's said I got the

mark o' Satan on me, and Mama knows everything. (Pauses, pensive.) I ain't a

smart man, but I ain't no dummy either. (Laughs, coughs and rubs his left hand on his

knee. Eyes fall upon shovel and sighs.
) Sorry Mama... Sorry I done gone and failed you

again. (Picks up shovel.) I knew you was gonna leave me, I knew you was. You was gonna

leave me and I ain't got nowhere else to go. I had to do it, Mama, I had to do it. Now we're

gonna be together forever. Ain't no one gonna separate us, not ever. (Nods.) We'll be

together forever. So sorry, Mama, sorry so sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen. I only wanted

to hug you, but you tried to pull away, like the puppy did. I just wanted to hold on to you for

a little bit longer. Didn't mean to squeeze so hard. (Takes a bandana out of the back

pocket of his overalls and wipes at his forehead.
) Didn't mean to Mama, please forgive me.

I know you ain't here no more, and you can't hear what I'm sayin' but I hope you know I'm

sorry for how I done you wrong. (Gets onto one knee and opens sack. A face can be

) At least now, you ain't gonna feel any pain no more. You goin' to heaven, Mama.

Just like my puppy gone to heaven. (Begins to hum along to 'Ave Maria'. Picks up shovel and

begins to dig. Pantomime digging. Speaks, absently, as if he's heard these words before,

almost robotically.
) To sleep - perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub, for in

that sleep of death what dreams may come. (Bows head.)