the war has destroyed me
and there's nothing left
I don't know why
but I think I love you
he's mine
but he's not enough somehow
for some reason I need you
I have him
but I love you as well
I shouldn't have these feelings
I cant help it thought
I love him so much
but I love you too
why do I always have to ask for
I was fine until we met
but that was before
now my heart is aching
and my head is throbbing
I'm so confused
what do I do
I thought I'd love him forever
forever like the sun
but now I'm not so sure
maybe all I really need
is you
maybe I don't live him
like I love you
but I don't know
if I really do love you
we just met
so how can I
but my heart is telling me I do
or is it my imagination
I thought you loved me
but that was all in my head
that was before I loved you
maybe its just the power
suggestion has over me
I've done it many
many times before
but this time
maybe it really is
and it's back to the battle.
he's mine but I want you
I want so much